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I am going to go somewhere implied or seaver will he starts at wide receiver and oklahoma they're like you know which side and he goes okay fine oh he relented after just one season i believe it was an excellent excellent athlete i'm not sure we could block you or i stage of his that will develop six five two hundred fifty four pounds to your point if i had to pick a tight end but i mean rookie tight in success is fleeting in the nfl and for everyone evan ingraham i hear you i feel like ingram as great players he was that was a fluke situation as a complete outlier especially when you think about beckham shepherd marshall all getting hurt last year when he was basically the last guy standing that anyone could catch a pass i mean so it's not quite as agreed as when we compare six footer under quarterback drew brees but rookie being compared to evan ingram like come on not rule to correct but if i had to pick one how about microseconds of the dolphins six six hundred and fifty pounds he can't teach that stefan you're you know that better than anyone you just can't teach six foot six yeah absolutely nice pass catcher and going to an adam gates offense which has hasn't really worked out so far in miami yet a lot hasn't really worked out yet and miami but at previous an offense coordinator he's always used his tight end and so i think he he's continuing been looking for that pass catching titan so i had to pick somebody give me give sacchi but again i don't know that i don't know that i'm drafting rookie tight end this year they comp is julius thomas denver i mean he's a better than julius thomas but that's the idea a guy who could win with his athletic ability he can jump you can outrun you he can do things with the football after the catch he cannot block worth lick right now but for fantasy football we don't keep track of blonde points which is good news so i'm with you the second round pick for miami nine touchdowns last year for penn state dominated the bowl game.

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