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Identified on the fan and a very good Wednesday morning. Data midday show Roberts, eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six his first we hit the one o'clock CMV. We'll come your way don't pay Murray. Kosta potty other side of the glass. I'm watching the I liked right now this warrior bludgeoning of the nuggets last night. Let me tell you something. I know nobody cares. So we can do this really quickly. If you want is there a contender in the west that can knock this team off this year because the answer is no no number one contender to knock them off. Because the Denver Nuggets about a great season of call Yokich had an MVP season guys. Fantastic. Right. The warriors did last night. They send out a reminder. They said that this little reminder. That's all that's adorable Denver, you're the number one seat. That's cute. Now, we're just gonna rain freeze all over your ass back in. I now are they are leapfrog right right on the rockets of banged up. They've nobody Capellas out for six weeks. I get it. Chris Paul has been banged up. Eric Bledsoe banged up. I understand all that are not Gordon my apologies. But there just isn't a team in the Western Conference that I think could even really put up a significant fighting the Western Conference finals. So yet again, it is the Golden State warrior invitational here. And that's really the way the AFC is. Felt for the last decade in the New England Patriots invitation, and I don't know if I'm just trying to talk myself into it. But I am as optimistic about a team knocking off the patriots as I've been in a very long time because this Kansas City team feels different number one. It's in their building right, which I'm very different data. It's never been. So I I well most of the time over the last bunch of years. The patriots have played the AFC championship game at Gillette. Stay right that a handful on the road in Denver and they've lost those games. So I think the location I to the I don't wanna know four in Pittsburgh. Yeah. That was a decade ago very long time ago. But you're right since then they have not had this great road success. They haven't played a lot of games on the road. But they haven't had a great road success. And number two tyreek hill tyreek hill has been a guy over the last few meetings that they've had with Kansas City regular season in which they have been unable to stop him. And I wonder if we're really going to get an eight degree day. That's what I'm hearing leaving less than a kickoff, especially when you factor night game. Yeah. The windshield factor. Sure. And you're talking five ten below who knows maybe that will actually slow down a guy like tyreek hill things are very fast on that field. But if you look at the last couple of times they've tried to slow him down. They haven't in the chiefs offense is put up forty against the patriots and their last two meetings against them. I can't see this game being a forty three forty game. Again, it's going to be lowest scoring game. And I think this game's going to be in twenty s I really do either way it goes, I just don't think that's good. That's going to be that kind of conditions conditions. I just think now it's a little more defensive-minded. Now, you're getting into a championship game situation. I just don't see it's going to be that kind of crazy. Shootout thing. I don't see. Well, look a game in September and a game in October. And those are the last two times these teams have played each other. It's very different than a game in January. Yeah. But we've seen this chief offense and what they're capable of doing against this patriot defense in the first time wasn't with Patrick Mahomes. A quarterback that was one Alex Smith at a huge game against New England on that season. Opening Thursday night game that stadium. Both those stadium talking about times the chiefs, but a forty two and forty one the win one loss weren't playoff games playoff games, which is huge. Of course, it was significantly warmer. We're talking about September and October as compared to January and the game was in Foxborough. And here's the other factor. And I know over the last few weeks he hasn't been one because Damian Williams has done such a great job. But Kareem hunt in both of those games had a lot of success against the patriots. Especially catching the football out of the backfield. Right. And it's good as Damian Williams has been he's not quite as good as Kareem on. So that's a big negative against the chiefs offense, if they try to put up points against this. I want to see how how it's going to play out as far as what Bella checks going do defensively to try to slow down their offense. I mean, you know, he's gonna my guess, my guess is he's going to try to take Travis Kelsey. Game. That's the guy even more than Tariq recall. I think that he would focus on I don't know. But I would think that that would we be guy? He tries to eliminate from their offense in the past. Maybe he's done that because Travis Kelsey been a lot quieter against New England. Then tyreek hill has remember in that game. They played a few months ago. Now Terry kill got the end zone. Kelsey at one of his more pedestrian game, which is rare from him because he had all world year. And I think he's clearly become the best idea football. Now, Zak is probably number two. He's updates at this point. So it wasn't Kelsey who is killing him. It was tyreek hill who had three touchdowns in that game and cough hundred and forty one hundred and fifty yards bells. He was not the guy that was burning them a few months ago. I just don't see this going to be an offensive exposure game. I just don't I think it's going to be much lower scoring lowest scoring game in twenty maybe twenty four twenty one maybe something like that. Interesting to see how Patrick Mahomes reacts to the kind of weather. It's going to be. I don't know if he's got a plate, Nick weather. It's going to be as cold as that. Who has well. And I tell you this. Maybe I'm not saying this, but the older you get the tougher. It is the deal with cold weather. You wonder if a forty two year old Brady has a tough time. If it's really that cold, you wonder about that. It's funny because I think our natural reaction is to say we'll Tom Brady has a lot of experience in these horrible horrible conditions. And he does who you really think about it. And you think back to the last four years five years, and then you.

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