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April had already been busy month for chief huq he'd had several press conferences fielding pointed questions from reporters about a seemingly unrelated death just blocks from read the welsh his apartment in that case a 27yearold wildeyed man wielding a knife had been shot dead by police officers huq didn't know it then but by the time virgil went to trial that seemingly unconnected police shooting and the murder of retha welsh would rightly or wrongly be forever entwined the story will lay out has twists we never saw coming as these episode unfold you'll hear from the man who found read this body from an eyewitness in this case police never located and from william virgil who spent twenty eight years in prison for a death blow lay out the evidence police gathered against virgils you can way it for yourself and you'll learn about a witness who has recently testified under oath the virgil was straight up framed it hasn't been an easy story to report in part because read this families still believes that prosecutors had the right guy and maybe they did but the fact is virgils now a free man and wreath this murder went from solved two unsolved with the stroke of a gavel next time on accused i don't get up study it was it was it was a somewhat klein the state that she was in and the fact that it was flooding in the bathroom on the wall in the carcass this is a special project by the cincinnati enquirer in cincinnaticom reported and narrated by amber hunt edited by amy wilson produced by amanda rosman and sell did in music was composed by andrew higley kimberly armstrong assisted with research for photos documents and more go to accused podcastcom.

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