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Up? Mike goes. What about the line of the game Mickelson's, minus sixteen? He actually had another good round the day. Yeah. Yeah. I I mean cost must be playing pretty easy. If you sixty nine the, blah, but let's see where it gets man. That's pretty crazy. If the two days, but we'll see what happens is still a lot of guys close by. We'll see how it works out. Nice. If he won the opening tournament of the it'd be very good for I think that would be very good fan. If he did that. Excited ballots. Another day was talking about this. But I think the the New England line open it three and a half was it like for a couple hours three and a half to go down. I never saw her that never saw on three. I've never seen it three and a half. So the game three and a half the saints with three and a half. Never saw the New England game three half MAC joins us. What's up? Hey, mike. How are you? What's happening? Hey, the whole onside kick thing. I'll throw something out. I don't know how crazy it sounds. They're obviously trying to do away with all kind of see that. Why don't they just put the obstacles out say at the twenty five and you put only nine players against the eleven defensive player. Circus, though, they're not gonna do that. I mean, listen. Rather wouldn't you can attorney Tom Brady year? But they're not gonna turn the game at MAC. They're not gonna turn their game into that. Okay. They're not gonna turn that game into into a circus at the end. They're not doing that. They're not gonna come up with these carnival things at the end of the game. It's not gonna happen where you're playing less guys against Moore guys to do that stuff. John has what's up John? Thank you. A statement. And a question statement is the first time ever that she should got to host the conference for the franchise. Correct. And a statement is are you going to be doing the trivia contest this year? Not officially know yet. You sound like a sponsor something, right? What people don't understand is? If you listen to these commercials. Right. And you hear a big game big game game. They're not allowed to mention the Super Bowl. And you're not allowed to have anything that pertains to Super Bowl without a Super Bowl sponsor. So they are trying to get it done with a sponsor. That's what has to happen. If it doesn't happen. You cannot have the contests impossible. It's not allowed the rules with the NFL comes to the Super Bowl of very strict. They do not let you touch the Super Bowl unless you have a Super Bowl sponsor involved and Super Bowl sponsor is a sponsor that has advertising. On some law and that costs millions. So you're dealing with big companies. Natan blooming grove. What's update? Mike. I was just curious. Either Brady or breeze would retire if they won the whole thing. No. I do not. Okay. Isn't that? Like, I don't think either one. I don't think either one is even hinted they would retire. Okay. I mean is that like a common attitude for old guard players or do they just hang on for the money or how? Listen, I think everybody's different. I think it's how they feel physically. I think that's a big part of it. I think they have to feel good. I think they have to be in a good place. And I think these guys feel they take really good care of themselves. Tom Brady has said he he said just weeks ago. Please forty five. Tony what's up, Sean? Hey, mike. How you doing? What's happening? Mama Michigan fan. I just wanted to ask you, you know. As far as Jim Harbaugh is concerned. I I know he catches obviously, he's been catching heat the past couple of years with his progress against stunk is thank you know. I agree. But you know, we were coming off years of rich Rodriguez and Brady Hoke. I mean, you know, we will lose it in Minnesota. And Wisconsin plenty of years to win the idea of winning there. Let's be honest. Okay. There's been plenty of guys who can go there and win. If winning doesn't mean beating Ohio State. It's about beating Ohio State winning and winning and winning ball games. You understand that? It's not about Minnesota come on. I. I two years, you know, he didn't really have his place. Now, he did though. I really consider. I mean, he's all into against him. I mean, he's going into that game tonight. Listen as a nice nice. It's a nice way to put it. But let's be honest. The has eight listen, I've been a very big Jim Harbaugh supporter as a head coach. He has done a lousy job at Michigan. He did a great job everywhere else. He's been he's dying allows pretty lousy lousy is not strong. He'd beat until last year. He had not beaten a ranked team. So lousy is the word he is not on the job. It shouldn't have taken him for years. And you know, what he's going to leave there and he's never beaten urban Meyer. Now, he doesn't have to worry about. Mike. My question to you is this your gut feeling do you think? I mean, what what's how do you feel like as far as how long he's going to stay? I have no idea. What I can't. I can't answer that. I have. I can't I have. No, I have no idea. He could might want to be there the rest of his life. I have only might want to be there until he until he wants national championship. I have no idea. I really have. I have no way of knowing that I have no idea what he wants. But if you're going to tell me that he hasn't done a bad job there. Then you didn't have very high expectations for him. But he goes Jim Hobo went there to win national championships to beat Ohio State and national championships. That's what the expectations were. Eric in Connecticut was very. My car. What's happening? I would just like to say first off I may Boston sports fan. But I totally enjoy your show. What do we begin Connecticut? And I've read you forever. I know. I think you stated you have the best relationship with ballot. Check. I would like to say what you think the patriots legacy as and if you think it could ever be repeated in the NFL going to be difficult. Listen, I think the in the modern time in this era of football. They've put they've put forth an incredible level of consistency. Do I see somebody getting to many Super Bowls as they have to be very difficult to do because. To keep the continuity to have a quarterback of that magnitude that length of time is just going to be very hard for the final coaching quarterback to stay together that many years and the wind as much as they have. I mean, it's just very difficult to do. I mean, it's virtually impossible. They've they've built an incredible legacy. I mean, listen, it doesn't erase all the legacies. I know this and this is one thing. And this is why when people try to nullify what he lamenting the giants did. What stands between Bill Belichick and Tom Brady and complete immortality was Super Bowl forty two and Super Bowl forty six and especially Super Bowl forty two and for any fool, and it's a fool to say that Eli manning was not a factor in that game. He was in the game against a team that people were calling the greatest team of all time. And twice in the fourth quarter. He brought the giants from behind in the fourth quarter and in the fourth quarter. He was nine of fourteen for one hundred and fifty two yards and two touchdowns to say he didn't have an impact on that game might be the dumbest thing I've ever heard. And then you want to get to the next game. Will he brought them from behind twice? Well, he was behind twice. He actually led them onto field goal drives from behind in the fourth quarter. One got to where they were down on a point. And then they got it to where they were in front and they will behind bowl times a gun begun one drive and then came the Manahan play. And he got them the lead, and they wound up winning that game too. So both times from behind. He was behind the whole second half of that game. In the second one the first one they will behind ten seven. They went ahead, and then they will behind twice and both times he brought them from behind in the fourth quarter and only threw for one hundred and fifty two yards and two touchdowns against an undefeated team that people thought with the bus that might be the best of all time, but didn't have again. I mean, come on. I mean, that's silly. Neilan rebel. What's up? Neil. Hey, Mike, how you doing? What's happening? Thanks for taking my call. It's funny when people, and you know, the fact that the guy wants. Probably get him in the hall of fame and to say that he somehow it wasn't a part of. It is listen it was not for fourteen for one hundred and fifty two yards and two touchdowns in the fourth quarter and twice came from behind the beat the pats them, two different games. He was behind after the third quarter in both games. He was behind seventeen to fifteen. Okay. And he won the game. Twenty one seventeen. And you remember the road of the playoffs. He took that one. One year. I believe the first Super Bowl where he went through. I think three all of fame quarterback on the road to get there. So I mean, he's demonstrated civilian the playoff my fingers behind seventeen fifteen. He went ahead eighteen seventeen and then he put the extra touch jail golden, go ahead twenty one seventeen bowl times. But he was behind before that he was behind in the third quarter. And then he was behind to start the fourth quarter seventeen fifteen. He got the field goal. And then he had a made the play to get out of there with Manny ham that set up the field goal that put them a four which turned out to be the winning points in that game. They want to put them up four which obviously meant the pets had to come down and get a touchdown. So those were the two things the second game. He he made the great Manningham throw. He made some good throws the first game. And I think in on drive that put them ahead. I think he was a hit five straight passes on the drive that put them ahead eighteen seventeen. And then in the other game. I thought he was nine fourteen. One hundred fifty two yards and two touchdowns in the fourth quarter. I mean, that's a big fourth quarter. Kyle and ocean port. What's up? Eight. Now much. I just wanted to I two things one about the AFC game is figuring another. Talking about my dad's childhood saying longtime he's fine out there for the game. Good or it's going to be what are you? What do you think? Well, we'll talk about that in a minute back after this. This is Tiki barber with a CBS sports minute. Twenty eighteen has been viewed as the year of offense of explosion in the NFL points in yards per game. Completion percentages and big plays are at record high. But an old school principle. Still applies when it comes to winning in the postseason. You gotta run the ball. And stop the run that cliche is in reference to the perils of throwing the ball. Once the weather turns cold, and the wind starts to how that doesn't always apply, especially since the NFC's number one seed saints play in the Mercedes Benz dome, regardless each of the four main teams all dominated the ground game in the divisional round by almost a hundred yards with the Rams dominating the Cowboys by two hundred and twenty yard. I'm sure this weekend in the AFC and NFC championship game. We'll see our fair share of big plays in the passing game. But when it comes down to winning and losing, I still believe whoever dominates the trenches wins the games. I'm Tiki barber..

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