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For the twenty nineteen North American International auto show charity preview. I see sandy Buruah. I see. Our ambassador Ghaffari. There's so many people I go on and on and on naming all these people. One of them has a connection. Tony for badeah has a connection with my next guest. I mentioned you to already boy Breen reads kind of an attention hog is named David. Julie julie. All right. This guy who I mentioned a moment ago who I thought would have made a great Senator. I see Norman you Touma and the whole you family, but I better do this and yelling at me to her. Hurry along I saw this guy. And I called him Senator by mistake. It was kind of wishful thinking because I think John James, I think you would have been a great Senator. Well, thank you so much. I appreciate that. You know, we we tried hard with the support of a great team. And a lot of folks out there who really gave it their all. But you know, we came a little bit short. But we did what we came to do Bruguera to God made the state of Michigan proud. I'm looking forward to doing what I can't serve. Well, and I know you'll you'll run for something again, and you'll do very well because now people know, you and depth. So let me just stay out of politics for a moment. Tell me about our Detroit-based auto supplier, James group international that you're running short. James group international is a company that's headquartered in Detroit. We're tier one automated before General Motors and Toyota, we specialize in warehousing and distribution manufacturing assembly. And supply chain information technology we export all over the world. We're the last line of defense for tier one automotive suppliers during their supply chain sustainability, and we're looking for taking technology and sustainability to the next level and doing what we can't take that as well. And. Support in our community. We're actually here. The charity preview because we're big big supporters of the boys and Girls Club of southeast Michigan. They're doing tremendous work saving lives and keeping boys and girls off the streets. And we want to address mobility issues to make sure that we can start getting kids into these clubs. So our very very passionate about giving back. Now, did you go to school with Tony's with your son? What you can't tell me stuff like that. And then yes, I I actually graduated from brother is high school. Go warriors without Tony for Bata. He's in Chicago. We're gonna try and get them back. We're going to try, but there's tremendous things going on in this state and the city, and we need to again be the the home for opportunity and not just hope soon to be one day is Senator John James. Thank you so much right now, we have a baby on the way Lizzy if you're listening. I love you. She's pregnant with our third she's about like thirty eight weeks pregnant, so that's why she's not here tonight. But she says Hello, all right. Good to see you, John. Thank you. God bless you. Thank you. John James, sharp guy, very sharp guy. Indeed. And I remember when the vice president of the United States came in to see him and support him. And that was a great night with the vice president. A new delta vice president of airport operations. That is Hussein berry delta vice president of airport operations at Detroit metro airport. You know, that of course, it used to be the berry terminal, I think I have that. Right. Am I right? Didn't it used to be that wasn't there? A berry in the terminal. Yes, Dave is old enough to remember that there used to be a very terminal we used to take international arrivals there several years ago. It was recently demo existed, they moved the name actually add to the Michael berry. Wayne County administrative building. Now, I'm going to assume this is your lovely wife. This is my lovely wife. Her name is Mona Mona. Hi, Paul W Smith nice meeting you as well. And you are here now in charge of the airport operations at metro airport. Four delta tell me about what that job entails. You know, it's twenty four around the clock type of job. You know? It's a lot goes on it really doesn't sleep. The you know, the big story this week is the first snowstorm of the season. But not too worried about it. We've done really well over the years in two thousand eighteen we've focused heavily on canceling out cancellations Delta's mainline operation has cancelled about two hundred. I'm sorry. We had three hundred and fifty one days without a cancellation. If you include our Elta connection characters is about one hundred and forty three days. So just excellent the two between us combined and all the other airlines combined. It will equal the amount of days that we we we went without a cancellation. I am a major hometown airline delta fan. And we support you in every way that we can you actually happen to be the official airline of the ball W Smith show. I I'm not making that up. It's true we fly delta whenever we can. But I do that personally with my family as well. So I salute you in any way that we can help you along. Way. You let us know where did you come in from? I was born and raised here in Detroit, you've been here all the all this time while I've been with delta for twenty three years, but I left for a short period. I went to Atlanta for about five years. I spent some time running the JFK operation for delta for two years. Now just back about a year ago taken over the delta operation in Detroit. Where did you meet Mona? Oh, and Canada, my wife is Canadian how do you? So where did you live in Canada? It just across the border in Windsor. So this is easy then for you. I hope you're loving Detroit. Oh, yes. I love it. Very good. All right. Mona. Oh, it's good to talk about this. Sometimes it's good to meet you Mona and Hussein berry anytime, we can be of help you let us know. Thank you so much. We appreciate it. Thank you for your business. Happy new year. Good to see what's that step Hussein berry? Delta vice president of airport operations at metro airport and his wife Mona lewi is here. How are you? I am excellent wall who is the CEO of the DMC children's hospital, and they rock you rock, we rack we? I mean, we do we are. Unfortunately, we're very very busy. That's not. We have a lot of kids, but we're getting them happy and healthy, and we're sending them home. So we have a new tower. That's a new hospital everyone's happy, and it's a great night. You approach the hospital, and you get happy. I know it's amazing and end as we all know, the proceeds for tonight come to the children's hospital Michigan foundation. So we can continue to do bigger. And better things for these kids and Larry burns his offered to help me with my golf tournament that is sorely needed some help because I'm terribly disorganized. And he's going to help with his resources and also be one of our beneficiaries. He he told me last week we had breakfast, and I put it on my calendar. So I'll be golfing with you this year. Oh, excellent. Well, we're happy about that looking forward to it. Meanwhile, anything else we need to know about the children's hospital DMC. Now, we have our new brand new emergency department. We have our brand new Nick you, and our brand new pick you, and we're taking care of the sickest kids in the state like we always do, and it's our honor and pleasure to do that. Well, it's a pleasure having you here. Thank you for your support Luana world CEO of DMC's children's hospital. God bless you. Happy new year. Paul happy new year, the head of FCA, Mike Manley is here. Michael I was trying to do is distract to. How are you this evening? I am excellent. You can't distract me. I want to see you. And I wanna talk to you. And I were just on our show. And I really appreciate that. How's everything going? Wow. You know, I was walking around this evening. And I was thinking to myself what a fantastic institution. This is nine hundred seventy six you know, this better than me. The charity event started around one hundred twenty one hundred and thirty million right? So far and just an enormously good spirit thing, and it's fantastic to me people pasta. So you may not have to come up and say, well, I'm so glad that you did. And I'm so glad you're doing such a great job. You're the guy to come into that position. Your team is supporting you and things are looking good. And so far knock on wood. But knock on whatever it is no major announcements of having to restructure or do many of the things that a lot of auto companies have to do just heads down trying to do the best. We can sell as many Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram they possess. We can you know us. That's what we do. So it's been a good year last year through to nineteen. We'll see what happens. Thanks for stopping by Mike. Thank you could see Mike Manley ahead of FCA stopping by to say. Hello, like, I said, you never know who you might run into like, for example, Jake. Jason Stein might even be here. Now that he's a regular on WJR radio Fridays at six fifty automotive us, and hopefully, we can shed some light on the industry through automotive news. Well, I think the publisher of automotive news, Ken shed, a lot of light on the auto industry. That's you Jason Stein. Well, thank you. And you're always so gracious wherever we are around the world, somehow you and I ended up in the same room together with a microphone, but we've finished off a fantastic week with automotive news and the whole team working hard on world, congress, of course, and are some twenty-five speakers over at the renaissance center some heavy hitters, by the way. Well, it's interesting. We started it off with Don Walker ahead of Magna and we had Jim Farley on Tuesday night. We had Roger Penske a good friend of ours on Wednesday night. And then of course, Mary Barra also on Wednesday night speaking with Casey crane, so a fantastic week. And hopefully shed some some insights on the industry just to see where two thousand nine hundred going to go. The crane family is extremely proud to be supporting the city and also bringing together leaders of industry, you do support the city you support so many and thanks again for inviting me to the dinner. It's a spectacular dinner for the auto show and for the world congress, and you have world leaders in the automotive industry that was Monday, right? We had a great dinner on Monday night. I think between the three tables the three tables, we had about thirty CEO's, and you know. No, it's the only place I think really in the world where the auto industry gathers like that where they can break, Brad. And even as competitors. They can they can drop their swords for a moment. And then they get up and start the next day trying to cli- cloud each other again. And and so we think of ourselves as a bit of agnostic neutral place to bring the industry together. And you always do such a fine job as you did again this year with the benediction due to thank Keith crane to acknowledge the crane family for all that they do and automotive news. I also said you were the glue that holds it all together Jason Stein to you didn't throw that in. But I am and thank you so much for coming by..

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