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Was so excited about this and then we'll come back. We'll wrap things up. Okay hold on. Everyone stay tuned. Doug best which is coming up next. Okay you're listening to heather do bros.. World it's getting cold again and the best way to to keep yourself warm this winter. Well it's two words heat holders. He'd holders makes the warmest thermal socks around he'd holders used Z.. Three stage process with Kashmir like advanced insulating. That is so soft to the touch and brushed on the inside and traps. Warm Air closer to your skin keeping your feet warmer. You're comfortable and dry thermostat feature lets you choose which peers right originals lights or ultralights originals for Max warmed lights lights with a thinner profile for casual situations and sports shoes which are four times warmer than regular cotton socks ultralights thinnest profile on everyday. Wear with dress issues there. Three times warmer than regular cotton socks. Perfect for going out on the town when it's a little chilly outside us at home work or play. WWW have you w dot keet holders dot Com has socks and also all kinds of worm. Comfy winter wear hats and gloves. So give someone you love. He'd holders for the holidays go to heat holders dot Com and and enter the code heather and save fifteen percent off your order receive free shipping with any purchase of twenty five dollars or more. Don't freeze your butterfield. Off does when dirt remember to go to heat holders unders dot com and use the code. Heather that's heat holders DOT COM. He'd holders making life warmer. If you like my show you're gonNA love adulting like a mother. Father joined partners a new parents. Daniella Monet and Andrew Gardner every week as the duo navigates all things adulting health and fitness to finances and Romance..

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Dot Com, Doug, Heather discussed on Heather Dubrow's World

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