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A father's looker memory mutri's big you weren't ad for us travels modise's burguete that's my girl angle wrote mum i'd never hey i love he added to go to the bridge will yoga well during out zone rod arouse easier your fourseed there she is going against the number thirteen seed this came to us initially from joe grounds on twitter it is boxer tony thompson who hasn't had sex in a while because he's been train a man mama go home and break my wife's here i sx woulda in the white house he is going to feel the pain and the pleasure oh it's going to be some players it mix in and it was he might be crippled in the morning so if anybody out they want to donate a wheelchair to say admitted i see on border good gut that off as the bus i love both of those arts of who's gonna win number four seed ronda rousey or number thirteen seed tony thompson talkative thumped break it is row whom wonder arrub yeah i think ronda rousey is way too good and i love the boxer with the break into have but ronda rousey garrod rumble with the basel serious right yeah he was an all series which is greatly edward hurry abubakr along to drag out a goal of bring my wife zip code donate in a wheelchair they who wants to nominate a wheelchair uh the number seven seed actually came to us from shaquille o'neal the instagram it was lofar ball on instagram talking about his whatever it was four point challenge with ice cube in this is where it went 'cause i scare you bearing light them south ramaz pro trump ought to go up and takes these could be some tasty so i can taste day kok tara mythical big boll branch we.

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