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To my new cancer because you know feel the luck when you walk in the new castles newly expanded gaming floor with approximately three thousand electronic games to play new castle casino I'm forty four eggs at one OO seven continuing with some social media Doug ranks Lee you were talking about Kendra horn not wanting to be on your show and I think the window for her actually being interviewed has just decreased a little more I think so too because I don't think she's going to stay in office much longer but that's just me Doug Chad rides anyone who receives two thousand dollars from Nancy Pelosi should be required to explain themselves to their voters and she never will she never will my prediction she'll lay low and will not debate she will not want to answer questions like that and she will not put herself in the position to answer those questions sure she spent a lot of time ours are just Steve Russell don't want to debate me he must be scared until finally Steve Russell did and it ended up being a very unfriendly crowd to Steve Rosselli probably should have done it but that that's what I predict will happen and we still have a whole year to put up with this so we'll keep our eyes on it newsradio one thousand Katie okay and Lee Mathews Brian writes yes Mike Gandalf can add Republicans are safe Stephanie but if candor wants to debate all the debate and stronger seminal not down exactly and she won't do that she won't do that because the Shawnee seminal parts of the district's supported Steve Russell overwhelmingly Brian writes on social media leave you were talking about the headlines today about the U. S. diplomat in Ukraine bill Taylor testifying that he had been told the president Donald Trump would withhold military aid to the country of Ukraine until it publicly declared the investigations would be launched and that helped his reelection chances what you didn't understand was that those funds were already approved months before this supposed quid pro quo and you're right Brian and Democrats know that Democrats know that they're just trying to move be muckrakers going into the election now we had a call earlier from Eric who said he thinks I'm sorry Roy who said he thinks they're also trying to tie up the Senate elections because of the Senate's if the senators are involved in a trial they're not gonna be able to go back to their home states I guess it was it was said that I'm sorry anyway they can't go back to their home states will have a lot of time to go back to the home state to campaign and they're hoping that that will get them the the the Democrats more seats in the Senate possibly I really don't I I if they're doing that they're taking a mighty big gamble thinking that people are going to get tired of between now and say January February because people are they already are made forty percent of those polled today so they're getting tired of it and they agree the president is being railroaded and it's not fair Brad is in Oklahoma City on newsradio one thousand Katie okay before were water no are seen on the news last couple days for use will shots of the public health service yeah if from for birdie six thirty what I got here at five thirty not even taken anybody because they said they can't get done by six thirty well so if you're in or you're good but there's people comin energy walking around under all walking right back I'm going home well you'll just have to get there early let people know that sure sure brand and you know.

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