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I would have a whole nother we nonsense, but here's the thing and this is what it simply was like all eleven players on that field on fourth and fifteen, which obviously four fifteen with that little time left is like a huge advantage to the defense just from game scripts. Julia of the eleven players on that team on that defense, Corey Graham had literally the easiest job that he was to a single wide receiver set against trips. The halfback offset his side did not release, right? He shift Barnett and then he leaked into the flat, but he was not even pass Leonard scrimmage, yeah. So if that ball comes to him, he's got eighteen yards to go and everyone's planes on coverage. Everybody's looking down the barrel, so you nobody on the field had less responsibilities than Corey Graham. He had one job, like we say, like O'Hare on job. No. He actually had one singular duty and just a terrible mistake and like. There are so many. What if in this game, this was a game of tipping points on it being like with with the fact that like you had team just like exchanging field goals and you had red zone drives Peter out for both teams and you had deep balls dropped for both teams everywhere. Soulmate different things. Go broke in so many different ways like this game could very easily with like different fortune tip, different ways than like twenty eight to ten, Tennessee, twenty eight to ten Philadelphia or could a frigging twenty three, twenty three. And we would have just be belligerent because we would have ended its high. So like this is a good game. I think to parse process from results until eagles lost the game. Really. This box score could have gone a bunch of different ways. Let's talk on field performance. Let's talk a game planning. Let's in game adjustments in just discuss what's good, what's bad objectively. So obviously the eagles come out of here with a loss move to to into the Tennessee titans, moved to three in one twenty six, twenty three in over. Time is your final score. Corey, Graham frustrates me a lot. They're easy plays and I'm sorry, I'm harping on this frigging angry, dude. We lose McLeod for the season. We were bummed about it when new rebuffed about it and people asked us, well, what? What's so bad about Corey Graham? Have you watched Corey, Graham and all? Have you seen what plays does? He meant he doesn't make the easy place tonight. The heart play for loss on the screen. Test screed is the best play. He's made in three years. Look, they're a hard plays like being avant Maddox lined up in the slot. One on one with a with a dog on good wide receiver, like Corey Davis and given up a touchdown, I can forgive that considering the circumstances and the difficulty of that coverage. That's I don't begrudge him for it. Maddox had a good game and we're gonna talk about him and maybe possibly replacing cordray is having a game Maddux mates medics at the interception Madison. The interception that was generated by pressure in my opinion. So Matt, how many snaps basing by? Okay. So maybe not a good game, but how many snaps are you basing that out? Because he didn't have that much playing time? No. So my, here's on saying like. Whether it one that x. had a good game, like, I don't know, like I was asking you, what info do you have? I think we're like had like good things and bad things objectively. My bad would go starting a rookie corner who played outside corner in college who you've been training to be a slot corner, have him play free safety like obviously, the pick Dow's doesn't that show the desperation, which held bad Corey Graham is trying to explain to people for so frigging long..

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