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Talk about some local fishing things. In Chicago, Thies northeast winds and everything else are really just churning up the fishing on Lake Michigan. I mean, it's really not that safe to be out there. The lake is churned up. There's big balls of ice floating out there. It's slushy in some areas. If you're both fishermen, let's wait until things settle down. We get west winds and maybe even some warmer weather because I would not want to be out there. When it's a 10 below windchill factor. It's going to be bad. Northwest Indiana. A reporter Tyree Williams said. It's not pretty down here. Hey, said they are not going out. So you know I'm not going out and we're gonna wait a little while before. He sends me some smoked salmon. He said that about three weeks and I'm gonna have to send him a note. Our friends in the force preserve District of Cook County have said that more people are out chasing fish on the ice. Please check the ice for safety. We don't check it must be four inches or more. And use an iceberg to check it. I Maple Lake near the they're catching some pike in the middle of the lake and at Tampere leg, the culvert on 131st Street. Was another good spot if the area is open use around real. But if it's frozen all the way, go with the tip up, and it may be the reason I say That is because it may freeze up this time of the year with the Bitter cold or having most anglers getting blue gills on a number of the lakes. A couple of small bastard taken and people did release them. Lakes. You can fish are want, Hm? Turtle Head, Tampere, said Quarry Saganowski slow Powderhorn,.

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