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And seven. They probably think that well, no evening magazine doesn't start till seven or 7 30. What's the problem? People still think I'm on that show some sponsor here we have anybody paying nonsense kill. Oh, yeah, sure. Why not? Kill mortgage one triple 8778 k i e l Refinanced today, With mortgages being historically low. No one does a better job. Make sure the kill mortgage is the company that you work with. I wonder if I could do a kill mortgage spot while using the discriminating word a slur, referring to homosexuals like this guy was able to do, Tom This is a true professional. He is the Cincinnati Reds broadcaster, and he has caught on a hot mic using the F word for would normally refer to if you look in a dictionary like we used to when we were in seventh grade it Sally wishes stands for bundle of sticks. And he mentions bundle of sticks is the same where the Kobe Bryant uttered when he screamed it actually at a at a referee and was fined $100,000 by the end, Beso Here we go. This is your Cincinnati Reds got, he realizes, he says the word doesn't realize it's on the hot mic. So he then realize you can apologize what you notice while he's doing the apology He is, he realizes this is the last time I will be able to make an apology uninterrupted in front of everybody. I am a desperate, desperate man. And here he goes, and he is able to still remain broadcaster. Pregame.

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