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Canyon between Ellensburg and yeah come up traffic will be taking I eighty two otherwise we can go to north and south bye bye five no problems on either the floating bridges Mike Conklin call Monique mostly cloudy skies in the forecast for western Washington overnight in your Sunday is well this morning temperatures dropped to the mid upper fifties today only making it into the upper sixties and low seventies these tests are certainly on low average we will be dealing with conditions in just a few some for the most part we stay dry only slight chance for some showers I'm meteorologist Abby county in the coming weather center como news one thousand an FM ninety seven seven this week marked the end of an era in federal law enforcement angel Melendez had been the highest ranking Hispanic and federal law enforcement here in New York the nation's largest city his name may not be a household one but the criminals he helped bring to justice are and his departure comes after he oversaw several high profile cases in January twenty seventeen a small plane touched down in New York from Mexico carrying the most infamous drug lord in the world Joaquin el Chapo coups mind peered over the plane window on aware of where he had been taken after two escaped from Mexican prisons ana how Melinda's of homeland security investigations informed of chapel he arrived in New York when he arrived he was taken into the hangar and then into the office.

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