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Pen Fed credit Union visit dot org slash autos or call 1 802 475626 advertised rates available through the pen fed car buying service to receive any advertised product. You must become a member of pen fit entered by N c. O a 10 19. This is WGN. So yesterday at the end of the show, we took a couple of calls Iranian. Let's just feature a couple of those here for a second. This is caller number one yesterday when we asked about what should happen to the people that stormed the capital. You know, If you break the law, you should be charged and you should be prosecuted. One of the problems you have in Chicago. With all your shootings is that somebody can have a gun illegally basically walked the streets forever. Where do you start prosecuting? Amazing to me. That's not surprising anymore, but just once like to have a conversation about what happened January six without talking about what happened in 2020, downtown Chicago. I know those two conversations are inextricably linked for some of you, but it's not that way for me. I'll have both of those conversations. On separate days. We talked forever about what happened last spring and summer in Chicago last spring and summer in Chicago. I rode my bicycle through the debris in the street. It was awful. It was dangerous. It was scary. And people are afraid to this day to come to Chicago, not because of the pandemic. But because of what happened last Memorial Day weekend through the summer, we will for a very long time suffer the consequences of that. The city failed US the state's attorney's office famous and I don't know what we're going to do about that. We got to figure that out. That's the end of my part of the conversation about that January 6th is a different thing. You want us around those people up. They did that and prosecute them to the fullest extent LA. I'm with you on that. But I think that we haven't done a good job in Chicago on. That does not mean that we should therefore give those people have passed in Washington, D. C. How is one of those events in forming your opinion about the other? I don't understand that. John. It was an insurrection says this texture, prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. They damaged the capital. They hurt policemen. They locked down Washington. Why did they have guns and weapons? Actually, it's amazing that that mob did not use guns and weapons much they mostly use flagpoles. And Stan shins and their fists to beat up the police and to bust into the joint if they had been fully armed. I don't know what that would have been like. Here's another call from yesterday's show. Hey, John, You know we can't defend these people. They were there on a mission to disrupt a lawful procedure. Don't feel sorry for this poor man. From the words These people were trespassing to disrupt and unlawful procedure to count the electoral votes. And that's ridiculous. You know, they don't get a pass. Absolutely not. Let's start with Andrew here. 3129817 200. Andrew, You're on WGN. What do you want to say? Well, I agree with you sent They should prosecute them. They broke the law. They're terrorists. But the number one thing is and they should pardon or let go. Those that were just visiting. I was in Washington for 12 years is a poor guide. That was not an orderly fashion pour through the capital as one of our congressman stated and those guys in the capital, but I'm sitting there right now. Blocking good legislation that should be going on should be prosecuted, cried And convicted. Promoting terrorism in this country. And five years to the limit. Andrew. Thanks for the phone call. You make me think of that interview with the Black Police officer who was one of the people guarding the capital is the mob was coming toward him. And about the inability of the Congress to have a 9 11 style investigation into the root causes of this about their inability and the Senate to do it, he said. You know It hurts a little bit because I was there defending them. This is their chance now to pass a law that would defend me that is look into this more thoroughly. And they won't do it. I stood there with my life on the line and defended them. And now they won't even so much as pass a law that says, Let's have a more thorough investigation into it. Andrew, Thanks for the call, Bill, you're on WGN. What's on your mind? Yeah, I think they should be prosecuted. Also, they broke the law and organ. We're getting too lenient. A lot of stuff. I just telling your producer there that you know, San Francisco is more or less known now as the shop shoplifting center, the United States. California passed a law that you've got to shoplift 2000 or where the merchandise to be prosecuted. Well, there was the other day on the radio they're talking about on your station. Closed 19 Walgreens because they lost so much merchandise. They get people and kids going in and take this off Hell's, then they take it out and sell it. It's the same thing here with Kim Foxx. They raise that Shoplifting ordinance here where all this other stuff takes place, and my theory is It's just they should be prosecuted to the hilt in my miter. You don't get out on bail. If you commit a crime. I don't care if you got six people to ourselves. You stay there until your trial comes up. Uh, all right. Um, thanks for the phone call an interesting point. I'm not going to get into the Health conditions at the Cook County Jail. I was and will always be an advocate of making sure that the people I know this is a tangent now, but I'll finish the thought. Thanks for the phone call Bill, but, um The idea that the people in the jail got the vaccine before people outside the jail. As much as that leaves a bad taste in your mouth. They had to do that, 63. Oh texted in to say, Do your collars not believe in the Constitution? It's sickening the way people throw away their rights. The only wants to be charged or those who went into the building or attack the police officers. The rest had a right to protest. I'm not a trump fan of Republican. But I knew about the rally. That's that's an interesting point. And that's why I just think like there is and I may be in the mob. But there is this sort of reverse mob mentality right now, isn't there? There is the Let's get them mob of people like me who want to make sure people like that young man from kennel worth go to jail for a while, when what he did was lawfully participate in a protest up to the point where he walked into the building, and then he shouldn't have walked into the building. But he was part of this mob scene and he walked in, and I'm telling you for a lot of those people. It looked more like a lark than it did an insurrection to me, So he walked into the building and he walked out now. What are you gonna do to that kid? What are you going to do about that? That's that's the question. Here's another call. Let's pick up with. I think it's Evelyn. You're on WGN. Hi, Evelyn. Hi, John. Hey, You know, I want to know this is the people's House. I believe that there are government people that were involved in helping the creative more than trump and, uh, sorry. Um and I'd like to know more about that. And that's why I think there would have been value in the commission. Yeah, I do, too. I You know, they're a study was done about what the technical breaches were right. What the police didn't didn't do who was called? Who wasn't called, but we need to go deeper than that, And it is disappointing. Evelyn, I gotta go. Thanks for your phone call, by the way, one of the call from yesterday's show. This is what one of our listeners said should be at least part of the punishment. I'm thinking of community service for the folks that really didn't do any damage, But were there And they're in.

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