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More coming out. And obviously the market itself is getting flooded but for those aspiring documentarian out. There are there any distinguishing characteristics. That you think good documentaries have now. They'll allow them to kind of stand stand out amongst the fray. So now i feel like there's so many series out there and everything you know when it used to be featured docs like hbo or showtime cinemax. Whatever back in the day it was featured docs and so it's like what is the good story that can sustain for an hour and a half or and now it's like what is a story that we can tell over five parts to make you know and i think sometimes it shouldn't be five parts giving sometimes. It should be an hour and a half. You know i think sometimes stories we're getting stretched and there's a lot of pressure on still makers to find something that feels big whereas sometimes the best stories are these small stories. You know some of the films that are out there. Now that are sort of a name kademi. This a film called kunda about two black and white film about farm animals. And it's just this quiet poet poetic film and i think you know what it's doing really well filmmakers. I think we just don't looking for something different now. You never know you never know what's necessarily going ahead Which is why. I think also when you go back to like film trope of like do with this way. Is there like a journey hero story. I just would encourage people to be truthful to the story you know. If it's a palm let it be a poem you know. I always refer who referring to announce a film called iraq in fragments and it really just touched down. James longley film was nominated for academy award just touched on in iraq at the moment during war and like you live with three different. I think it's three different stories for period of time without some super narrative structure. And you just get like iraq in fragments these fragments of that world and that was enough. That was enough. And i think sometimes were Included world like. Wow you know is this gonna is are people gonna care. Is it going to have a life. Are people going to tune in and and unfortunately we have to ask those questions. Because that's how you get funding these days but sometimes it said unexpected little story than unexpected. You know maybe it's the one about truffle hunters this year or or quiet from about time or something that is unexpected in people. Are you know last year. Like the honey. What would they gave the bees. The honey keeper shoot. What was that called. Oh my gosh. It was really beautiful and Again like who. They didn't go in there thinking they're gonna get an academy began. Get kademi awards like you. Just can't go thinking about your audience per se. Have to be true story. I think that's huge last few questions. Obviously in the world of directing and filmmaking. There's a lottery sources a lot of books on the topic. Most of which are not so great for that being said were there any key volumes or resources or or just books that were essential for you and your career either from a business perspective or filmmaking perspective and wasn't certain i definitely would say no about books. I think it was just watching films The like mazel brothers. You know greg. Garden's great gardens justice Films like that or even even an war room or penna bakers films. Or i mean i kinda grew both were even you know. Gimme shelter these old films Which are all very character driven. You know they could just go along with these characters and let the stories unfold and And they were unexpected in that way and they just were filmmakers..

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