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I sort of wandered into the issue as doing an internship between my first and second years of law school and the NGOs with just sorta didn't have enough for me to do. And I really hate that like wasting my time. Well, also, you know, we're all gonna die so minutes important to pay these museum before I turned it with much. Right. That's very exciting. Very admirable. But you've been doing this for how long now. Seven years eight to ten. Yeah. No. I have improved my shelf life by an order of magnitude. I am in IRAs. The hotel California for me as I thought I started or the eagles. And I want the eagle. I'm always down with Beagles. Okay. Eight the fucking eagles, man. No. The basket. Doing overlap befell references trying to hang without skiing. Eagles. So was when when when ends, well, here's what happened. I am really obsessed with officiency going back to my mortality thing a little bit. But I also just like I'm not. It's not about ego for me. Right. I'm not like, oh, I wanna start an organization like actually really didn't go to law school not knowing what they wanna do. And actually went to law school wanting to be a lawyer like I love the practice of law. It's just like, it's it MIR's. How my mind works. Really? Well. Yeah. I don't do that. Really? Why? 'cause that's not a turns out running into organization isn't about like doing the programming of the organization, basically, like I I met with these refugees in Jordan after quitting this internship in Israel, and they all just needed legal assistance. And they were they can't go back to Iraq. Because something terrible happened to them. They can't say Jordan because they have no status. The can't work their kids can't go to school. They can't get healthcare. They could be deported. Anytime never reason. Only one direction they can go, right? And and the process of deciding sort of who gets to go in that direction and how and then who has to like get on a raft across the Mediterranean, or who has to go back to Syria and get killed is just incredibly Listrik super arbitrary really complicated and bureaucratic so I was like, oh, you need a legal advocate like this is a legal process. Your life depends on the outcome. If I were in a legal proceeding and like the death penalty were on the line. The thing I would want the most. Would be a good lawyer. So for example, to distill this part of it down because I want to think about I'm gonna I'm gonna get into this theoretically from where someone can't go back because that means death. I understand them getting all the help they can. But you there should be limitations on immigration in this country. I mean, sure and weird if people who are typically lineup on the opposite side of the issue, where do you think they're right? I think mostly the problem with how we conceptualize immigration policy in this country is that we look at it in a vacuum. I think you can't out. Do you think there should be an open border? Do you think do you think we should let it as many immigrants as possible? I think it's a relevant question. I think as long as we're or think the answer is yes. As long as we continue to overthrow democratically, elected governments and rape countries of their natural resources such that there is no political stability or jobs. I think we shouldn't be surprised when people have to flee those places in show up here where all the resources have landed. So to me like. Long as our economic and foreign policies are what they are. It seems really hard to decouple our border policy if the United States responsible directly. Thirteen exists because we overthrew governments and then deported people back their MS thirteen was deported from L A to El Salvador. I mean, it's just you know, and for decades like for the whole issue ISIS of Central America. We made in the sense that we made it. Sure, like how many democratically elected leaders did the in Central American the eighties like tons like we stabilized that region. And then prior to that, you know, with like United fruit company, we created plantations enslaved the population, we took most of their natural resources and took them here. Like we prevented the growth of local economies. We did everything possible over the last hundred years to these. And now, you know, this whole idea that like, oh, people are only coming because there's no jobs..

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