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And he was pretty naive, admittedly. He thought well, we're not really going to compete with the NFL we can get along with the NFL just gonna have some different cities. And I don't know whether we'll really compete at all, you know, he had no idea. And as he admitted later, probably the most naive thought in the history of pro sports that the NFL wouldn't take this down seriously because they knew that, you know, anybody with that much money starting appropriate ball league was would could be a challenge. And of course, proved to be a an incredible challenge AFL, and when bringing NFL to their knees in some respects in you know, forcing your merger. All right. So let's let's talk about sort of those those months before the launch of the AFL because those are pretty crucial in the formation. Not only of the league. But specifically this Dallas franchise and interestingly, right? Some of the responses and. Reactions to the NF by the NFL as this stuff was getting going in particular with with the Dallas market in play. You wanna get us a little bit of background on that. What happened, of course, is in hindsight pretty hilarious. But you you've got the George Halas Bert bell faction that doesn't want to expand in part of anything to do with Dallas. And then alarm that starts as league, they you know, we're going to have a team we're gonna have a league we're going to have a team there's going to be one in Dallas. And they start putting it together. And then so suddenly, not surprisingly Halis has a brought change of heart and says, oh, okay. Well, there's going to be a team. They're actually we wanna team we're gonna put a team in Dallas to actually tried to buy Lamar off and say you can bring a team to Dallas. You can curtail your plans to start the AFL. You can have the team in Dallas. And it it was too late. They're offered Lamar had already found some some some people own. Teams Barron Hilton Head, you know, young guy, you know, the son of the hotel guy what was going to start a team in Los Angeles and found some partner. So he was going ahead with this league. So they were going to have a team, and then fell said, well, we're going to they they suddenly realized Dallas an oil town where there was money in a a football loving town. They didn't wanna just give that market today fell. So they put a team in there and expansion team. They found another owner Clint Murchison who was another oil guy every bit as rich as Lamar hunt. Probably and they put the team he became the owner of an expansion team in Dallas it did not want to see the market to Lamar hunt. So from no teams to two teams in Dallas in a matter of months and the most of them both of them had most of nineteen sixty sorta get their axe to gather before kicking off that fall. All at the same time. So it was just a unique set of circumstances that came about strictly because the NFL for after holding off expansion for years and years sudden didn't wanna give away lucrative market to to this rival league and thought well, we can knock off you know, hunt..

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