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That's one of those positives you're talking about. Yeah, now now now that I mentioned it. You're hearing them right. I'm noticing them now. Show now the pointed. I'm not true. It's all true every I. I what would I gain by line nothing? So. WHY WOULD I lie? I came on here to tell the truth, and that's what I'm doing, ok, well, look if if you say you're telling the truth, I have no reason to doubt you anymore. I just wanted to. Thank you I'm telling you? Every day. Don't don't look it up I think about it all right I I will do. You. Can you answer one question without pausing for longer than half a second? You got IT I. Won't whatever question you have I'll answer it immediately. What you have for breakfast today Ted talk. Very a habit. What did you say? You said Ted Talk. Os and I thought well. That's ten. Shed tacos. Yes. My breakfast is Ted talks because I guess what I'm always hungry for more information talk, OHS yeah. We'll look. We have to take a break. We do boy. That's the quickest. You answered anything. On, the most passionate heard. All right look, we're GONNA. We're gonNA take a break. When we come back, we'll have both an activist and a community organizer. This is very exciting we're. We're learning a lot about the world around us on this show, we'll be right back more comedy Bang Bang after this. War. Parker is committed to providing exceptional vision, Care Online, and in stores, offering eyeglasses, sunglasses, eye, exams and Lenses Worby, Parker glasses start at ninety five dollars, and that includes prescription lenses. They also have sunglasses, progressives, or like the ones I have blue light lenses. and. If you need help choosing frames, all you gotta do is just take their quiz. Answer a few questions. These questions I gotta say are the quickest questions. And they what they're gonNA do. is they suggest great looking glasses that are totally personalized to fit your face in style. Okay now their styles even range from extra narrow, two extra wide to fit. All those face shapes almost one billion people worldwide lack access to glasses, which is why were be parker partners with nonprofits like vision spring to ensure that for every pair of glasses sold a is distributed to someone in need look I. Have Worby Parker glasses I now have four pair of Worby. Parker glasses. It's super easy. All you gotTA. Do you figure out which five you think you might look good in and you're always wrong. At least I am because I try all five, and then the ones that I go. These are the ones my wife always says. No. But that's why you do it. They send you the five pair in a tryout kid. Show him to your friend. Show them to your family. It's super easy, and then you send them all back and they send you the glasses with your prescription. It's easy. Checkout Parker's free home. Try on program order five pairs of glasses to try on at home for free for five days, no obligation to buy ships free and includes.

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