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It's silence Got assembly Hall, Indiana's Praeli Northwestern 27 15 With 7 59 remaining in the first half your central Indiana handed the others have tried to bring you something. Maura, the award winning civic CRV and inside hybrid, They're all probably made in Indiana. Before the game started down. We talked about trace Jackson Davis and how Indiana lights the work the ball through the big man in their half court sets in the key to the game. For the Northwestern would be how they Congar trace Jackson Davis on the low block and early in this game, Coach Collins and his staff has gone to a double team exclusively every single time. Jackson Davis touches the ball in the half court set. Northwestern's bringing in extra defender to try to take the basketball away and early in this game. It's working Jackson Davis with only two points on one rebound here early in the game, 12 minutes of action on Indiana. Get back into this game down. You gotta find option B or you've got to continue to Find ways to get Jackson Davis involved in the game. Indiana's been outscored 15 3 over the last four minutes and 45 seconds. That's why they're up. 12 right now on this Indiana Ball club has got a lot of work to do if they're going to get back here in the first half, Al Durham's back on the floor with Armand Franklin Trace Jackson Davis, Rob Tennessee, and waste tops in the original starting five out there. Northwestern counters with Anthony Games boo boo ey, angrier feet, Nancy. And Miller Cop Indiana Balrog finish. He brings it across the timeline. Venice he takes a bright give Starr mon Franklin. He brings it outside the Al Duram Duram gives to rob Tennessee in the left wing. Now they find Ray stops and downloaded trace underneath. Throws it back outside the al Not to rob for an open three and he runs it. No good or whistle blows, and we've got a foul called against the Wildcats. Miller cop gets nailed, and that will be his first. Follow the game. Yeah, sorry down. That's gonna be the first. Other thing Indian has got to do with Northwestern's bringing in an extra defender on Jackson Davis when he kicks out, you've got to be a ready, capable shooter that time Indiana working the ball around the perimeter finding Rob, but he's not able to knock it down. Indian has got to be able to knock down those open threes when they get him. Grace Jackson Davis will go to the line looking the score his third point of the ball game with his first free toss, and it is up there, and it is no good, but it's a one on one and he'd does not get the bonus. And Indiana is what one of five I think in the ball game. But this point now here's buoy outside past gives to Greer Greer holds on Looks right finds cop cop passes it in the Nance Nance against praise turns around fires up a little 12 footer and drops him. He dances got six points and Northwestern can't Miss 29 15 and Indiana's being out shot and just about played in every category right down now, during with the ball slides it left goes back right to Rob Finnessey back to al al Penetrate. Donald, according to Armand Franklin drives for a 10, Ft Runner and Henson on Armand Franklin said a couple of those little runners for his four points, but it's still 29 to 17 12 point. Wow, Kavli. Here's dance, takes it to the right gives it off to Anthony Games games drives it against arm to trace down low and the little jump hook inside on a nice move by Anthony Games, gets his fourth point. And the lead swings right back up. The 14 31 17 cats Rob Tennessee, Across the timeline finds Allen the way now dribbles it back outside back. It comes to Tennessee into the lane lost the ball on now their turnover here Cumber Wildcats. Here's buoy along three on the way off the mark and the rebound. Armand takes it away from top down on the floor. Armand in a hurry slows pulls up on the left side. Rebels it back out, gives the fantasy with the past back to racing. Out of Rob Rob back. So that was 20 on the shot club. Rob Tennessee looks for Al Gore and couldn't find it now does the past past in low Al puts it up, draws the foul. He'll go to the line for two. That's one offense. That's work here early in this half those baseline screens get out there. I'm coming off the down screen right there on the baseline and then hurling right into the paint. These guards Donna gotta be physical. They've got to attack the rim right now. Northwestern. Dominating this game at both ends. I think aggressive basketball will win out here. India has got to continue to attack the rim. Now Europe goes to the line, and he misses his second of three shots from the stripes so far in this ballgame House got one point Indiana struggles to shoot free throws on everything else so far tonight, and that's why they find themselves a 14 point hole right now. Durham Eyes number two on its way, and this was good to points for al Durham, 31. 18 the store Wildcats and control the areas. Boo Boo. It works against door inbounds pass comes to wine Young he's replaced. Nancy's Got two files down. Downloaded Cop Lost the handle. Indiana gets the steal Galloway up with it Now the Florida Durham back out the trade. That's right. Galloway slides to the right price to get low finds it fell through it away, was trying to get a passage. I had to raise. Thompson just looks forced that time and buoy stores with the other end out of fastbreak baskets on Blue Boy's got his fifth point, and Indiana is now down. 33 18 Archie Miller, walking in frustration of criminal Who's Your bench? Down low? They fined twice, and he dunks that he's found on Ryan Young picked up that work. Brian Young has picked up his second. Follow the ball game, and it will give in the end. A chance of a three point blood. Yeah, nice adjustment by coach T. Miller rather than opposite into the court. They had raced. Thompson right, the free throw line here. Northwestern could not bring the double team with that opposite big. Nice adjustment from the coach. Miller got trace Jackson Davis a ball right there on the baseline and nobody there to help on the weak side. Race tops against replaced by Jerome Hunter for Indiana Trace Jackson Davis will try to convert the three point play to make this a 12 point game, and he does. Grace has got his fifth point down. 33 21 Cats by 12 5 15 remaining here in this first half of play Louis across the timeline for the Wildcats, he gives to Ryan Young back off the bully bully tries to penetrate just tie Buri outside. Then they find top top of the key. He collapsed in the young Hypo. Passes downloaded Berry for a little jumper that won't go three about tipped away and trace. Jackson Davis comes away with it feeds al Dura Durham down the Florida Armand. Frankly, with the ball gives it outside. Looks like his own put up right down by the Wildcats. So they switched the little here. Now here's Hunter goes left side of Galloway. We've sit back out front toe Al, who lives in the corner that Armand downloaded, Trace Jackson Davis in the lane pulls up, puts it up and couldn't get it to drop in. And Archie Miller one of the foul.

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