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Forgot your last thing. I'm sorry. Christian, suitably, from Seattle Fire just told me that two buildings on either side had to be evacuated. We also evacuated a home to the left. And there was a condo complex to the right. Then we evacuated that We're in very close proximity to the buildings that had caught fire. So whatever goals today was to protect those from catching fire. Thanks and forgive me Christian now Seattle fire, as they say, has control. But there are still many firefighters. We'll say half of those 100 that initially responded still here on the scene, and Seattle fire chief Goggins has also arrived to survey the scene as well Live on Beacon Hill. Corwin hate homeowner. A statewide emergency has been declared because of heightened threats of wildfires, and that authorizes the use of the National Guard to help fight fires from here on out. Several blazes have popped up in central and eastern Washington. Over the last couple of weeks. There's a fire burning near Oroville in Okanogan County. I grew to nearly 6000 acres overnight. That's about 9.5 Square Miles. People in that area have been told to evacuate Kamala Harris accepted to the nomination for vice president at the Democratic National Convention last night. I want a Noble's is CEO of the Tacoma Urban League and says Harris represents a welcome change ahead to give us hope to let the black community know that we deserve to be in positions of leadership. Nobles is also running for the state Senate in district. 28. Washington Bus, a state organization that encourages young people to vote, says young voters are excited about the election and that they are ready to show up. Here's what's coming up after we check traffic.

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