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Are talking about another pillar of great information. Facebook by a pillar of great information and truth herself. Hillary Rodham Clinton. It's short, and then we'll get right back to the phones, Tiffany, social media platforms. No, their systems are being manipulated by foreign and domestic actors to sow division promote extremism and spread misinformation, but they won't get serious about cleaning up their platforms. I must consumers, demand it. And we saw why it's so important just last week when Facebook refused to take down a fake video of Nancy Pelosi. It wasn't even a close. Call the video is sexist trash and YouTube. Check it down. But Facebook kept it up. So let's send the message to Facebook that those who are in Facebook's communities would really like Facebook to pay attention to faults. And Dr videos before we are flooded with them over the next month. Over the next month. He'd be lucky. If you're not flooded with them for the next few years, because we've been flooded with them up to this point by CNN and MSNBC, and other left-wing sites that don't mind lying to you. But. Trying to put enough pressure on CNN, which obviously says they've been doing all these lies all this time. They're not going to bend the from public pressure. Are they, they haven't so far? Now they should we should be able to put that kind of pressure on them. But went insidious. Devious advertisers are continuing to patronize them. And give them money. They say what the heck we might as well continue doing what we're doing is working very well with about forty percent of the population. That shouldn't be that way, should it eight hundred nine to three ninety three eighty five that's eight hundred nine to three WD TK. Here's Jim Clinton township on the patriot general. Go ahead. Good evening. John is a pleasure is always to hear your show. It's really a Larry issue here, Hillary Clinton and Pocahontas, Salou Warren, talk about putting truth in media. The, the most chronic liars on the feminine side at gender in DC that it comes to mind. And I don't know how you gonna tell the media what to say they're just gonna use the first amendment, which they should. And as far as our game plan to socialize education from the birth birth thing to whenever on rich, people, people just moved their money offshore, and they'll never get their hands on it. They'll spend more money trying to get it than they will. It's, it's just a. One of those namby-pamby speeches that she gives to draw the audience to, to applause. Going anywhere in the in the. Going to go anywhere. Anyway. Well the thank you for the call. Here's the attitude of the typical consumer. I'm not casting aspersions, your way, Jim. I'm really not what I'm trying to say is. I've been pulled in by it. In couple of callers have been pulled in by it. And. We, we sit here and we look at what are we going to do? There's nothing we can do. And how do we make sure that the things that we're getting truthful, and there's no way? That doesn't seem to be anyway. And yet, what do we really need from the media? More than the truth in these confusing times. And we love to be able to pick those, we know are going to be telling us the truth. But as I have shown, by example, at isn't always possible. I'm not sure. We'll ever know. But I think there's something in here. Some, some secret that we're missing. Don't know what it is. Here's Bill in Troy here on the patriot. Hi, bill. Go ahead. Please. How you doing? Good. It seems to me by we call right going all the way back to the IRS scandal. Leonard. And spying Obama's report or his body with the box nation at that time. That he put executive order that only CNN could be shown in federal buildings and airports, pretty sure that took place. I would think that Trump could Weaver said order and boxing every airport. Over the long haul CNN would lose advertising money. Well, I Bill, I think it would be great. I think I'd love to do that. But how do we know?.

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