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And don show now the greater austin crime commission says numerous studies have revealed that the austin police department needs an additional three hundred twenty seven officers to effectively police the city's current population right that has nothing to do with south by southwest no no no that's just daily business that's just what we need now right last year there was a wreck right in front of my house than involved a driver that was under the influence and it was a bad situation he had plowed into a couple of cars to it was a kid who was really messed up plowed in a couple of cars right in front of our house so we all the neighbors out there we're having to deal with it ourselves we call the police of course it took them an hour and a half to respond an hour and a half in this wasn't just like a fender bender this was someone driving under the influence who plowed into a couple of cars he was slightly injured yeah so you know and it took him an hour and a half to get there because of not only because of of a short an hour and a half for a police off yes todd and don show we did mornings five thirty nine on newsradio klbj five ninety am and ninety nine point seven fm dot com look at austin's on time traffic reported rack on thirty five.

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