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Thirty nine in irvington forty four in port Washington forty-three a bit town temperature's slowly rising tonight MAC, thank you. Bob w CBS news time five ten. It's an everyday message from police, but one that authorities certainly emphasize on days like today drive sober or get pulled over if you're out ringing in the new year somewhere tonight, New York state police will have sobriety checkpoints and plenty of extra state troopers out there. They're watching for distracted drivers. And they wanna make sure you buckle up and move over. If you see a police or emergency vehicle crackdown. We'll last through New Year's day last year cops issued over forty thousand tickets fire that killed two people on Long Island this weekend was an accident. There were no working smoke detectors at the home on north twelfth street in new Hyde Park. Flames broke out there early Sunday morning, a grandmother and her four year old granddaughter were killed fire was so strong. It had blown out all the doors and windows by the time. I responded Scott their ten year old boy was able to escape he jumped out of a second story window and landed on a car it's flu season. And in Connecticut. It's getting worse. Flu activity in Connecticut is rapidly increased according to the state health department flu cases, went up by nearly two hundred in recent weeks. Three people have died from the. The flu and one hundred sixty two are in the hospital. Flu is now considered widespread in Connecticut. WCBS news time five eleven. This week. You'll find great deals at Walgreens now with card buy one get one free on hundreds of vitamins and supplements through February twenty third save on great brands such as nature's bounty, vitamins and more and sixteen ounce. Blue diamond almonds are just five ninety nine with card. Get great deals on the essentials. You need right here at your neighborhood. Walgreens. Walgreens, trusted since nineteen o one of equal or lesser value. Restrictions and exclusions apply. See store for details. Up to seventy percent off. That's right at court furniture Theorin center, get up to seventy percent off new retail prices and choose from Hawaii variety of previously leased furniture and decor for your home or office so fest from one thousand nine hundred ninety nine bedrooms, that's from three ninety nine ninety nine dining sets from two thousand nine hundred nine and more all items are court-certified guaranteed and in stock ready for delivery or to take home today. Make the Smart Choice and visit one of our five locations in the DMV or go online at court clearance, furniture dot com, mentioned.

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