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Michael Schmidt, Washington, Hong Kong discussed on St. Louis Composting Garden Hotline with Mike Miller


Benham protesters wearing face masks did nothing to quell the intensity of anti government protests CBS news correspondent rainy Inocencio spoke to Hong Kong leader Carrie lam at a press conference this move can be perceived as a step closer to authoritarianism like in mainland China your reaction this is a responsible act to deal with an extremely difficult situation CBS has been Tracy now with the view from the White House on the impeachment inquiry there have been discussions here at the White House about the upsides of impeachment was somebody ministration officials believing it will help rally the president's space president trump has said Democrats will pay a tremendous price at the polls if they do win peach meanwhile The New York Times is reporting that a second whistleblower may file a complaint about the president's phone call with Ukraine the times Michael Schmidt on MSNBC this is a person that has more intimate knowledge is closer to the actual you know complaint to what the issue is at the center of the complaint and the complaint and the president has just tweeted quote The New York Times and Washington post or pure fiction totally dishonest reporting in Las Vegas yesterday Bernie Sanders out of the hospital I just want to thank all of you for the log and warm wishes are that you sent to me see you soon on the campaign trail the center's campaign confirm that Sanders indeed suffered a heart attack. have kids in preschool it's pretty much their worst nightmare toddlers wondering off on their own policing Gilbert Arizona just east of Phoenix say a gate failed at a preschool allowing kids to leave the playground some driver so the kids by themselves and called nine one one Laura deals daughter attends the preschool. latch is one thing.

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