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Right. Those red lines taste, especially tasty. What could be in them? And I feel so much calmer. It's helping me cope with this terrible terrible. Movie paid a lot of money to go. See, you know, it's not a bad idea. So maybe we'll see that next year at cinema. Con, I think CBD popcorn could certainly help people not just cope with bad movies, but scary movies, like the ones that we're about to talk about to talk about har-. We invited to Nana redo into the studios. She's a filmmaker and professor at UCLA. She's an expert in Chandra films and teaches a class on black. Har-. Tanada reeve. Welcome. So great to be here. So here's a question I have for both of you, scary movies have been around forever scary movies in the summer, relatively new idea. So what's happening? What's changing? I think we all think horror movies and naturally we think Halloween, you think fall, you think you know scary. Movie season is traditionally not in the summer, but studios are seeing that, that is now changed because the audience hunger for. John movies is so so vast. Are you agree, you know, and I think especially when we're in somewhat traumatic times politically, that might have something to do with what's feeding the horror frenzy, we can extract some trauma out and watch strangers suffer and root for them, and, you know, occasionally they win and there's no substitute for digging your fingers, you know, into the arm of the person sitting next to you, and you can't do that with strangers. So you have to bring someone to do that. And we're seeing a real spectrum of horror titles. A superhero horror movie hybrid called bright burn, which is actually really quite gory. We've got child's play which is going to confuse fans of the classic child's by because those rights are actually technically split between two studios. So this is a remake of the original child's play Chucky it has. Version of John, but I have to say I. I saw the expanded trailer and I think the Spanish trailer, it's really intriguing can connect to and control of your Catholic products and smart home devices. Introducing.

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