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Left in the half Forrester at the line for a couple of foul shots. He is two for two so far tonight. Started his college career playing for the Indiana Hoosiers, and his free throw is no good, Dan. I think thinking on that is they gotta give Mama do a little bit of a rest because you know he's coming back from being out with Colbert so he needs a quick blow. And then if they could get a minute out of Chris Boat without fouling, they can put mama doing for the rest of the half and take Chris out. Second foul shot Good. That's seven first half points for Forrester, Cincinnati's leaders 4 26 2 22. Temple goes to a half court trap Bear cat Solve it. Now Temple backs up into it. Man to man defense. Here's vote just outside the arc, hands it off top of the key for the Julius Julius to the wing and Micah Adam's Woods has a foot out of bounds as he catches the pass, catch the ball and shooting. I mean, it's very simple Things is like the third time. This has happened in the last couple of games where guys on the side of the court and steps out of bounds. This vote out as you anticipated. Mamadou Diarra checks in Mamadou Looks like he lost some weight. It was already skinny. Yeah, he looks really skinning out some Eminem's and watching bank off his ribs. Temples fall down by four battle outside the are guarded by Mike Adams Woods. Good defense by the bear Can I swore he knocks the ball away. We've gotta scramble on the floor. And Cincinnati comes up on the loose ball. It's a two on one break. Davenport to Harvey. No Foul shot is blocked out of bounds by Divx. Andre Perry. Are you serious? I mean, he puts it up and get smacked to the ground, and the official just points to the sideline and saying No, no call Zack Harvey came down hard. The back of his head slammed into the floor. No whistle. Harvey will throw it in from the baseline 307 left and a half since in any leads by four. Lobs it into Mamadou Diarra. The right elbow passes backward for Mike Adams Woods. Now it's David Lee Julius on the Sea Paul logo 15 left to shoot 2 55 left in the half. Julius passes for Davenport into the corner. Mike Adams Woods. Or three, and it's good, pretty simple. Instead of trying to catch it and attack baseline where their options are limited. Catch it and shoot cats are up by seven for the first time in the first half 29 to 22 Jeremiah Williams in the lane just below the free throw line gets up a shot. No good. Rebound hits the floor diving attempt by starting out of bounds and it goes out of bounds off temple. Tremendous hustle. There was going to say if they get at the temple. He was already out of bounds when he threw that ball. But to dive on the floor. To really try to sell yourself out. To get that ball to get extra possession for your team is what bear cat basketball is all about. I said Harvey, that was actually Jeremiah Davenport with that tremendous effort. Try to get that loose ball. Cincinnati's ball 29 22 the bear Cats up by 7 2.5 minutes left in the first half Julius Outside the arc passes to Davenport, looking down low for Mamadou instead passes on the right wing for Adam's Woods Julius of the left point. Unsurpassed for Harvey steps into a three and the rainbow is good. He's been putting in the work. Yes, he's been out, but he has not been idle. He's been putting in took the time and you started to see the payoff that double digit Lee for Cincinnati, 32 to 20 to eight off the bench in the first half for Zack Harvey. Forrester. Guarded by Mamadou Diarra and illegal story, Barry three point shot. He missed it. Julius has the rebound Cincinnati running every time they grab a rebound. Here's Gavin toward passing for Adam's woods outside the arc right back to center court. Julius 1 35 left in the half 16 left on the shot clock for you See Julius dribbling out near center court on the far sideline. The R sprints out to set a pick Now it's Davenport, Allie. You caught into the basket by Diarra briefly lost it. And then the ball goes out of bounds off. Mamadou can't drop the baby. Come on. We just talked about those strong and from there as he hits his chest. This is my bad. But his active nous in the paint from block to block off that role when he rolls down on.

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