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Cam. Is treating your. Aliquippa going on twenty four after the hour on the DJ program. Every being followed around by film crew for five years has part of the upcoming bad reputation. Bio-pic Joan Jett says that she is in a reflective mood, the new track drew cheers released. You're listening to a fresh start. Let's cara. Trek from Joan Jett. I can remember. I'm surprised. A lot of music in the last few years because you sound great. His salary was stuff actually for the film. It sounds to me like her own maybe similar rusty on it. Yeah. Joseph first single off the soundtrack the bio pic. Bad reputation. The film will chronicle her rise from a teenage renegade in the runaways stardom is a solo act in the eighties. When she charted hits like, I love rut gun role that must have. I love rock and roll. Yeah. Real. No that one. I didn't hear your song for me. I don't remember that she redid crimson and clover display a second or that when you characters. Financial remember? Museum by the bad reputation. We got that. I saw the movie has testimony from.

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