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Conway show we continue here mark Thompson to stick around with us for long I just got to say hi to mark virtues of who is my idol it but in every way and mark verge the owner of the axe owner I guess of Bob memory dot com or at Bob memory is that right I'll send them my grass and then W. owned by West Side rentals you on a bunch of restaurants and but I got mark Thompson here this is like an honor yeah when I walked in the door now it's it's done I had this there's a he's looking he's got his book with his you know you you know he's a businessman and tell us if you lost money in any business small several really off putting the winners worse before they get into off that thing I wanted everyone to be an entrepreneur thank god for the show okay and I lost about a million seven Richard Branson did our first speaking engagement okay he was our first being went downhill after that all tough what was it what was it the bill just everyone it's perfect business dot com we still own it you can buy she it's weird because that master class model is actually being used by a lot of people now that really helps me mark it's also your model yeah yeah those are great I take care of us I took a lot of you know a buddy of mine is a twenty five years ago started company called Encino bites and the two guys mark Asher my candidacy they said for restaurant the don't deliver will deliver forum twenty five years ago my god way ahead of their time way ahead of their time so that is what I'm all right we're talking business are you stick around you got a sec I'm gonna say good night now but mark I'm listing on the car show might make me some money.

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