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I do always have a reason a lot of things that i do and there might be an underlying backstory but that's i mean aren't we all know nurse assist will utilize your weakness and they see in you it's not it's not like a defined weakness it's just what they think is a weakness in your personality to get whatever they want you do that jason you're good at that you are i'm trying not to do that in a manipulative way i'm trying to do it to reach a positive outcome for yourself manipulator narcissist will manipulate they'll degrade you they'll use your weakness against you to add more power to their personality if that narcissists does you a favor you've pretty much sold your soul to the devil because you'll oh them forever and you just like katie i gave you a copy here's the difference i try to give her a compliment a damn cupcakes so she's not so mean to me all the time bribing exponent i'm grateful for the cupcake i'm very grateful have that in a minute but there have been several times in my life where i bring in things for the whole show at i've never liked but i brought you this one too because usually i'm not attacking you all the time a nurse assists here's a sign if you are one or dating one they don't recognize or accept your feelings their feelings are the only ones that matter jason sounds like they're not gonna like this a narcissist is arrogant yup hey brag and step over anything or anyone along their path to get the things they want we all got something right okay another sign that you're a narcissist dating one they require constant admiration or at meaning that when attention is no longer available they move onto another person so it's almost like they're using in a way because i noticed that recently it's kind of change because maximum more on edge was a change me and jason buddy buddy yeah jason jason.

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