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Great plays happened. Like this one. Shrugs top of the key changing directions. It back outside of the perimeter to Kennedy adequate and good. But goodness center, jump circle directing traffic takes it down the left side of the lane. The wellish fires the three. That was set up by Quinton good. He waved the corner. He drove hard the less. I kicked it the left corner. And well, they just buried it Xavier leads forty eight to forty three wellish. Now the leading score. The assist of the game presented by state farm. Get an agent that gets you down to name. Tonight's Kroger star of the game. And it is nice Marshall. He has a double double nineteen points, fourteen rebounds, four sist- one steal in thirty two minutes of play tonight's Kroger side the game is brought to you by Kroger. Stop by your neighborhood. Kroger today, you'll find great food and low prices throughout the store in Byron. I think the coach was happiest perhaps about what he called the maturity of the way they played. What was he talking about their Joe he's talking about the response after David led the entire first half? Then to see that lead slip away with about eight minutes to go in the crowd getting into it. Nothing's ever got down by what six points. Yep. And then the response from that. That's what good teams to they can they can answer a run. And that's what we saw out his aver. And quite frankly, some that that's the first time we've seen it on the row how they responded to some adversity. And is a great thing. See musketeers take on Seton Hall Wednesday at cintas January second airtime, six o'clock tip off at six thirty. That game.

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