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At 15 and 45, powered by Red River technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red. We're gonna check in with George Wallace. All right, Dimitri, the Georgetown Hoyas 12 of three since their covert pause and taking on 19th ranked Creighton again tonight, second time in a week beat him last week. But right now, trailing 41 24 just under 17 minutes to go in the game as the Hoyas had more turnovers and buckets in the first half, trailing 41 now 24 in the Second half other college basketball today, Howard officially canceling its season They're one and four in the year played last game on December 23rd VCU Be Dayton, now seven and two in conference big win for them, Duke losing another dame say now the first time under 500 since November of 1999 for Mike Chefs, the Big 10 made it official moving the conference tournament from Chicago to Indianapolis. Chicago will get a return tournament in 2023 No caps hockey tonight, Paul on the due to a positive tests on the Philadelphia Liars Squad capitals already off the next two games postponed with sabers Jacob Rana, however, off the covert list now, nobody on that list for the Capitals. That is good news. Super Bowl average 96.4 million viewers. That is down from last year's, which roughly average 202 million lowest Watch Super Bowl since 07. Tampa Bay Bucks gonna have a boat parade? Tomorrow to celebrate. George Wallace, Toby Toby Sports Still ahead here on W T O P, returning to indoor dining in a large local county, the best an Internet and entertainment is here, and it's all powered by Xfinity for one unbelievable value. Introducing breakthrough WiFi speed now faster than a gig. That's right, not just Internet speed WiFi speed, and that's enough to handle every device in the house and then some..

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