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Diary to found the church. Renovations were finally completed. Eighteen ninety seven ten years after they began. And while the people of ren la- chateau celebrated the remodel the mood one town over was decidedly more sauber. Local villagers were reeling from a shocking murder on november. First eighteen ninety seven. The priest of a nearby town was found dead. This was the same priest and twelve. Joly's that zone year had met with after his return from paris jellies had been killed the night before in his own home. The locked gate. That should have kept him. Safe was wide open. Some wondered if jellies new his assailant. Maybe even let him in. The scene was gruesome. The priests had been hit in the head. Fourteen times by fire tongs in an axe. It didn't appear to be the work of experienced killer. None of jelena's money or valuables were taken. Although there was an investigation into his death. No arrests were ever made. Julie's murder went unsolved. Some say that antoine's elise died because of his involvement in the mysterious happenings at ren lucia. To- we do know that he met with sewn year on more than one occasion and sonya had a reputation forgiving rather unique gifts to other priests including a goblet and said of incheon coins. There's speculation that sonia may have shared the secret of his overnight fortune with elise at one of these meetings. It's possible that jelena's assailant was looking for information on the source of sewn years wealth or perhaps shalit's could no longer be trusted to keep quiet. Maybe either son year or the catholic church two sided to get rid of him to keeps on years discovery a secret. We can't say for sure. Neither sonia were ever considered suspects in elisa's murder although things did continue to grow more ominous from there four years later in nineteen. Ninety-one sewn years confidante monseigneur also passed away while he died of natural causes. Many sense that be are was more than a friend. Disown year that he may have been the co conspirator behind his secret fortune. Vr's replacement wasn't willing to overlook the ostentatious priest in nineteen o nine. The new bishop ordered that sonia be transferred to another parish where he'd be stripped of his luxuries but sonia refuse to leave rimless the chateau instead. He resigned from his post and became a free priest meaning he could no longer receive a salary from the catholic church but the new bishop's suspected that sewn years state of float through other means like gaining an income through something known as mass trafficking the term mass in this case refers to the actual church ceremony now mass trafficking or taking payment for saying extra prayers in someone's honor wasn't necessarily uncommon bought priests weren't to take payments for any masses the didn't perform and to keep up with his lifestyle on year had to be taking a lot of payments in one thousand. Nine hundred ten sewn year was ordered to appear in ecclesiastical court when he didn't show he was given a one-month suspension and told to pay back the money he taken from illegal mass trafficking. Sonya argue that his money came from at wheel donations but problematically. He didn't have the paperwork to prove it as a result year was found guilty of negligence and sentenced to ten days of spiritual retreat. This punishment though was barely a slap on the wrist still. The bishop didn't give up. He brought sonia to trial once again. This time. the church directly accused him of misusing. The money he'd acquired they argued that whatever donations sonia accepted weren't meant for him personally. That money belong to the church while he tried to brush off these allegations of corruption. The court didn't buy it so year was found guilty of misuse of funds. His priesthood was suspended until he could pay back the money he'd spent perhaps knowing that he'd never be able to repay that. Some so near is rumored to have drunk heavily. He reportedly suffered from crippling gout and on january twenty second nineteen seventeen died at the age of sixty four which left all his land and possessions to his housekeeper. Marie dinar no. She lived comfort for years until world war two but afterwards france issued new currency and made changes to its tax system rather than explain the source of her wealth. Marie allegedly burned all of the cash in her backyard. Some of these details may be nothing more than local legend documents. Show that marine lived on borrowed money until nineteen forty six when she sold her estate to a man named noel corbu as courtesy after buying villa tanya from marie corbu and his family took care of her and in hearing marie talk about the past they to bought into her stories of the riches buried beneath their feet in one thousand nine hundred fifty five two years after maria died and took son years secrets to her grave. Corbu reopened the villa as a restaurant and later a hotel but corbu wasn't just an entrepreneur. He was a novelist with knack for story. He told anyone who'd listen. That the source of sewn years wealth was blocked of casteel..

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