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Hello and welcome to one PR's card talk with us click and collect the tab of brothers and we're broadcasting this week from the Piazza del car Tokyo. That how you say it, my sister, this is a car talk Plaza, summer palace. Right. Palazzo, the lesta. I gotta practice up, you know? I'm gonna be going over it. Well, where are we? Well, the cafe standards over there. Where are we anyway? We're in the Cleveland heights. This is it. This is our summer residence. Yeah, hey, Cleveland heights man. This is the height. This is it. The whole summer? This is as good as it gets. Look around you. Jeez, I don't know. I mean, ask my kids this all the time. What could be better than this? The ocean's close anyway. Isn't it the ocean out there? That is the ocean. So I thought. Anyway, this is a reminder that if you entered the car talk saw cop contest. Yeah. Be sure to tune in next week because we'll be throwing all the entries and my brother into the trunk of that 63 Dodge dart. And he will be selecting a winner. Yes, I'm glad that I was chosen to do this. I feel somewhat honored. Dougie in last year, but we got to cried like a big on a golf of the society for prevention of cruelty the edibles and author cruelty dougie. And they said, no, no, no, you can't throw dougie and you know it's just not right. Actually, speaking of the puzzler, I mean of the saw cop contest. Here's a letter. I won't mention Phillips name. I listen to card talk despite the fact that I am serving a 55 year prison sentence for bank robbery. And it's unlikely I will ever drive a car again. We will be flying him in from any place. My radio only gets one station and unfortunately it has your show. I have absolutely nothing else to do. Besides this thing to show it convinces me that there are people in the world with problems greater than my own. Don't bother entering me for the sock hop contest because I won't be able to come for obvious reasons. Well, we should give him the award. He can give him. What if he won? Maybe the warden would let him come for the weekend. He could get a weekend pass. Save us a lot. He probably steal my car, the bum. Well, talking about cars, would you like to answer a few questions about cars? Or do you want to go on and just read some one 803 three two 9 two 8 7 is our number? Hello, you're on cartoon. Car talk is the name of the game. Hi, this is Claire Ferguson. Hi, Claire where are you from? Laurel Maryland. We.

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