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That a horse who lost two of the triple crown races and then won the belmont victory. We'll get you look at me. How about an and. I'm going to bring this back out. This is great this is. This is our ryan russia. Who came up with this. That if keep me in mind doesn't participate that the last time that Didn't have a single horse running all three races. You gotta go back to two thousand ten and again you know and i think part of that you know i. I don't know. I don't have the answer to that question. I'm not going to get into a discussion about changing the triple crown. Personally i would have changed it years ago. I've just because. I think it makes the racist way more competitive not making. I'm not trying to and this is before the two triple crown is interesting it easier. I'm not trying to make it harder. I'm trying to make them more competitive and more meaningful there. You go so that's just me. I don't really want to get into all that but you know that's my soapbox for that particular issue but yeah if it doesn't run them we won't have the. It'd be the first time since since ten that you don't have a horse ridden in all three triple crown races. Which is a shame these. It's supposed to be the these are supposed to be these three races. It's called the triple crown trail really. We think we may be just start. Just calling it the kentucky derby trail because that'd be one let's get to the derby and once they once they once the eighteen or nineteen horses lose the derby look most of them scatter and point for other races some here and some to the summer fair point and and absolutely worth worth further exploration discussion. Maybe we can talk to the people who run the triple eight. There is nobody who runs the triple crown. Well and that. I was going to make i was gonna make that. I was gonna make that suggestion or at least float that and say why you know with all of the sponsorship opportunities out there and we've got plenty of average so it's not like we don't have advertisers that you know that are backing. The you know the america's day at the racist show and all the there's tons of them. I we can't get somebody they they can they can do insurance or they can find some way to agglomerate. Let's get a triple crown. Bonus back again and the point system high on that only because. I think the reason that got done away with is because you have horses that just by like two or three horses that run in the race. You're on seventh ninth and third and we're rewarding them for we're giving them a participation trophy. I think the races should stand alone on their own merit. And now maybe a little purse bump put the three million the practices a million million and a half which i guess a couple of years ago went up by half a million but man you know what these racists could go up a little bit. I think more money more payoffs lots you know Maybe it has become a financial burden to run in the kentucky. Derby to be honest with you. I mean if you're not in the top five losing money no question a lot of it especially if you bring a big group and then tickets and the yeah no. You're not the first person to that. And in fact was two years ago there had been there'd been a discussion that was coming out of actually coming out of lexington about urging and cajoling churchill to make the the derby purse substantial and to put it. I mean considering its level of importance worldwide that Why isn't the purse. At least yeah that. And i don't know what that i think. The pandemic interrupted that conversation point as interrupted a lot of things. But it's stroke. These persons could be digging. I just think the races on they should be the three guess. The travers being the fourth in the raises that you really want three overly want to be in and win. It doesn't seem to be the point the case while you could you could. Also you can also fold in Haskell and travers and have a you know have a a season long kind of a three year old something that maybe let's give a we'll come back around to To mammoth and a second actually and in fact. Marcus her shoes here somewhere. He's here he's on the so we're going to. He's on the other side so he said he didn't think he could come over to sit but later. We'll talk to marcus in the next probably twenty twenty five minutes. He covered Basically did the coverage of opening weekend at monmouth and certainly it was top of mind with a lot of people who was closely watched. And did you watch any. I watched the. I just wanted to make sure that when they ran the first moment that the world didn't end because a lot of stories. I did not write them. The world's world good man if raising came to a conclusion world didn't end so i said okay. I just need to carry on. So i watched a few racing. I didn't see anything egregious. Didn't watch every head on and every replay horses that you know. It certainly didn't favor the racist. I saw a certain particular style which is not to say steve. I'm in favor of the rule. I understand it. Just didn't bring the world to closure. We'll get some thoughts from marcus on that topic Let's run down this belmont field as we know as of right now and of course your preakness winner leads this group And you know the the unusual. There's another research project.

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