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The top of every hour i'm steve bertrand on chicago's very own seven twenty wgn thank you see if it's bill laugh it's wendy snyder and i don't don't even where to begin with all of this i want to start by saying i i love funny women and kill the radnor was one of the funniest women i never seen short then then i want to throw in that cancer is everywhere and we don't want it to be and kill this pledge chicago basically supports anyone living with cancer man women teens children along with their families and friends and those of us who have lost someone to cancer and the ceo of this clubs chicago laura jane hide is in the studio with us how are you i'm great thank you so much for him absolutely absolutely laura tannen i ran into each other when i received one of my many award which award with this one and a lot lately this was the empresa award from the joint civic committee of italian american us and you were there to support a friend of yours s and i got to meet you so i have enough affront and that's one we talked who was your friend who was nominated litho christmas yeah let's the chris men a bunch of nice italian american women that were given award wendy said during her speech they were throwing must to chile is that true or not you did she make that up i had to sign an undisclosed right and that's fine understood tony jannati who wrote she was the sport writer for the sometimes for a million years they're covered both the white sox and the cub it was an honor to meet her just a lotta great italian american women who won this award very no i'm terms that you up with the russian american via women oil are inadequate our i'm so lord jane and i started talking about the night of a thousand no gays and time why is it all worked out so this is the 19th yes yes gad yeah it's crazy explain what this whole night is it's a night of high priority for a good cause okay so we've got the second city which is has bennett fabulous partners club since we started and then we have chicago notables on stage and.

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