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Can know the exact price you pay for the car you want and see what other people be forced to when you're ready to buy a new or used car to sit through cards with joy a more confident car buying experience today we got some sunshine but we do also have a chance in pop up showers and thundershowers you know what to put this down that's the same forecast for the next five days hi is there not any chance some isolated pop up showers overnight lows low to mid seventies let's just save some time here right now seventy seven degrees your Memphis morning news time is six thirty two I'm seven or six hundred W. R. E. C. ninety two point one FM in the I heart radio app by the way the women's national team yesterday defeated England two to one to advance the World Cup final and to be honest with you and with that the feet piling on top of it this has historically not been a very good week for the British when it comes to America if you know what I'm saying tomorrow's independence day let's turn around and take a look at history today is July third two thousand nineteen let's look at birthday Happy Birthday to you you were born on this date you sherry birthday with born on this date in eighteen seventy eight George M. co hand the American father of musical comedy was born in Providence Rhode Island was born in eighteen seventy eight on this date in nineteen forty we skip ahead and we say Happy Birthday to senator Lamar Alexander he turns over gosh he's seventy nine he's got a lot of energy to him still he yeah he was born in Maryville Tennessee one of the state in nineteen forty Happy Birthday to senator Lamar Alexander frequent guest on this very radio program I also born on this day by the way he shares his birthday with Bailey corners she played well Jan Smithers is her real name but she played Bailey quarters on WKRP in Cincinnati and she was born in Hollywood California on the state in nineteen forty nine she turns seventy today I think a lot of folks I think a lot of the guys were a like to Jennifer but a lot of a lot of guys sure like Bailey to on that show I born on this date in nineteen fifty six mine tell Williams turned sixty three today talk show host and pot smoker right I guess that he sees is that his thing is he for legalizing marijuana I'm not saying that's bad I'm just saying eight isn't he talking about that from like a medical perspective that's been his has been his thing just give us a pot smoker doesn't mean I'm calling him a criminal or a bad person just means that's just kind of his that's kind.

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