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So it's this very organic kind of intuitive process, and I decided I'm just gonna explorer ideas and see where I land. Okay? And I got a studio downtown. Just the one room was on Lafayette and spring. It was like, so inspiring down there. Then you just got a studio space to like, Just a kind of a room of my own, you know, And one idea that I had, which for the life of me, I don't understand where it came from. But you know the butterfly chair, you know that. Okay, so I was loved the chair extremely uncomfortable, but I always loved it. And I love that the idea of the canvas in the wire and Boo Boo and I had this idea like Wouldn't that be great like as a bowl? I mean that whole concept of having a fat wide bowl a butterfly for creating a con cavity with the textile to be a container a bull to hold. What Fruit, vegetables. Okay, like a fruit bowl, you partner counter? Yes, that was that's where it started. So you know, my husband's an architect. He had his own practice at that time, and he helped me build this prototype. And it was like very organic. You know, we're using wire and then I go up because you have to have fabric and thie because I was in hosiery kept. I was always drawn to stretch materials. So I bought the stretch netting. It's like what people use for girls, you know, so playing around with it. If you stretched around this structure, it's like a trampoline because it's stretchy. It's Boigny. But ultimately I called this the Rabaul after my older son, okay, and the first thing I had to do is to see if people.

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