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I I I know all this stuff. And and and I totally respect anything to where it's any type of degrading of any ethnicity or or faith or anything, you know. So but chief knock a home. I thought it was a great name. And this guy every time the Braves had a home run. He'd come out of the team. That is the best. And I I don't think they do that anymore. I don't think they do the Tomahawk chop nearly as much as they used to either break we're like getting crushed he come out and start doing a rain dance. So the game would be rained out like those before for great. I just thought it was pretty creative. And and I enjoyed it. And. There. There were certain things that that. I remember we'll get into some baseball stuff in our number two fish. I want to get you know, maybe a couple of games that stand out that you enjoyed yourself growing up because I there's always a few that I remember, and I always talked about the the July fourth one back in Atlanta at the medicine and the best was at the game those nineteen innings seven hours, forty three minutes. And then at the end of the game, they light off the fireworks. And it's I five hour five in the morning and stuff, but on the back of the taste said fireworks following this. Great then and only Turner I could just see if people like five in the morning, I have no clue there's only like about seven hundred people still left it began. I think everybody got a foul ball is. I was gonna call. But one of those games that I watched from start to finish just crazy, and you know, just happened to be back east, and, you know, coming back from California and in staying there and one thing led to another in the midst of that seven nothing lead Blewett, and then came back and just a wild game nineteen innings bit crazy Steph. Rick Miller in a homerun. No.

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