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As if you weren't watching it already. Here is the incomparable. The hilarious brett goldstein. Get into it. But i yeah. He listened to the podcast. I sort of you listen to his. I love it. What's it called. Films will be buried with your sinophile. Oh boy i could use some new ones. Everyone could everyone loves movies. We'll welcome this. Is the couch. Feel free to just because you've heard the show feel free to comment on how many Empty bottles are in the bottom of the sauna or this year. Already film ink recording escorting. But this is your episode. It's not like a gotcha thing we can. We can start now if you'd prefer. I mean i. It was pretty bad. I said lights k. Really bad you didn't like i seem to fred. I seem to accessible. I think so too. Well yeah looking smiley. You are contact. My of course look at how i'm sitting. We're sitting sorority sisters. We i'm going to raise your hand every time. You're gonna wind me up. Braise braid braid that you said brazen. I thought it was british for like another way of saying wind. You up for take the piss. I'm ready to go make funny. Okay i thought you. I thought you're going to because here i am. I'm pointing out. What's different about you. very who cares. Let's not even talk about ted lasso. Nobody cares a lot of people are but they can listen to you on any other show. Let's have a real finding chat. You love but i will say that. You're you're much you're so smiley smile get outta here. I'll tell you what we will do. That is i tell my mind because otherwise is gonna be. I understand and are you in the middle of it. Are you just getting carded around. I'll be on his view this thing. Let me just sort this out because you only son this out gonna show. I like this this of comedians in cars. They always added out what they order. That's all i wanna know. How do they order. What do they order. Why are the wait is looking at the camera the whole time. Why is everyone ready to be on tv. Thank you brad okay. So sometimes i don't. I don't i don't know why. Why did i go hit it. Why don't we still here. And then it's like oh set up their cameras everywhere. I think it is real. You don't think it's real. I think the cameras run in. What's they guy. Let's go here and they stand still for twenty minutes while. I don't think it's katie. Has an opinion. What is your empty. The restaurants and millie's is not like an empty place. So i'm using. This is one of the ways. I so.

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