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And all of a sudden you look at a lineup that doesn't feature Bryce Harper. But is still really compelling to me. And I think this is like the best if we had to pick right now, I would say they're the best team in the NFL east. And I think this is like a small movement forward in that regard. Not according to BV dubs the Mets are the best team. I think what was the quote that. He said he said something like watch out for us like get out of the way said something ridiculous to that effect where just recently that. Yeah, they come get us. I think that's he said covering Lowery signing we're talking about our starting. Our very recent. It was definitely within the last week. I'm pretty sure the quote was coming at us. All always say this though, I'll always say this, and I get it. There's a certain sense. Bravado that everybody has to carry around with them. And when the record would would you're in when you're tied for first place right now, Jared, regardless that, it's January first place. What do you want him to say? What is he? So I like it. I like it. But I feel like I feel like if I were a Mets fan that the confidence with a visible. If I were midspan I'd look at the Oakland A's and think there's no reason our team can't do that. There's no reason we can't have a core group of young guys. Just get good all the sudden, there's no reason that can happen because you know, what you've got working on the bump Dallas. I have a question specifically for you. Just try to just throw that I have a very specific question for you. So when we were talking about the nationals in their chances in in their depth chart now, they have Kurtz Zouqi behind the plate. And then I start to one. Her off. And I was like, okay, Kurt Suzuki is caught douse. Brayden probably more than any other catcher in his career. And then I went to go look at ERA by catchers that you've pitched too. Why did you pitch to Josh? Donaldson. Because Josh Donaldson was a fucking catcher you pitched to him for seven innings. It was one game. Yeah. Uh-huh. That was Libya was out two thousand nine. I do not know what year. It was look it up because I believe in two thousand nine the first my first like five starts were all five different catchers. I think what through to Jake FOX Kurt Suzuki Landon Powell Josh Donaldson the fucking bat. Boy, I I think we had a we had a clubby dress up one day, and he went out there. And caught Mikey shoutout. To you, buddy. EZ's short enough. He didn't even have to squat. He just did up in hell the glove at his face doesn't ten. Yeah. Was it twenty ten. Yeah. Member. Well, actually, I'm not even going to release this little nugget because if that's sort of a bitch that bringer of rain aka bringer of fainting is what I'm calling them right now. Because he's told us multiple times. And he's hit me on the hip. He's told me through text Joe holler at me. What's up? Give me on the pod. Let's do it multiple times. But it's fucking here. It's crickets out of the bringer rain bring nothing, but pain and agony to the starting nine listeners who are so eagerly waiting because there's a there's a cool little nugget about his a little nugget about our time together. Well, obviously, Dallas, I'm I think it's worth the wait. I would much rather get Josh Donaldson in person with both of us. Like, I feel like we don't think we've ever interviewed someone together. Right. And I'm gonna tell you this. I've actually reached out to him about that. And I'll play it on apartment of put it out. There are talked him about yo what's up, man. I would love to hook up maybe shoot some videos do some stuff especially during either your offseason right now or spring training. And he's like, yeah. Man. I'm all in. Let's let's figure it out also false on the you guys have never interviewed anybody other. Hold on. Let me think Bob Melvin. Yeah. That wasn't even who I'm thinking. There are other examples too. Think about think about the hottest God damn place..

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