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Buffalo to score points charles klay on the years got forty nine receptions five hundred fifty eight yards and two touchdowns calvin bedroom and he's actually terms claes actually leading receiver see the tynan gap that a lot the says a lot halfway through the season sammy watkins got traded to los angeles who's now out of the playoffs and they went out and got calvin benjamin from the care the panthers and there's a lot that he's the leading receiver with only five hundred fifty eight yards receiving other than says that they run the ball i mean killing cole who light in thing had demi yards receiving a seven hundred forty eight with three touchdowns rules yeah i win uh jacksonville when he got a guy like um i think allan allan robinson was the one who suspended for the season the not alan hearns i think it's alan robinson um allen hearns gets hurt mark easily is going to play today um even though he's been injured so you gotta watch out for markeith lee in addition to keelan coal um if blake boral's is able to connect with these guys and have a balanced attack with leonard fournet uh as can be really tough for buffalo to win the game even though i really like buffalo's defense i don't think i mean jack who's got a good defense too this is going to be probably one of the clauses games besides the kansas city game which nobody expected to be closed now this is going to be one of the closest contested games in the in the playoffs i think to be honest with you i think again look i'm going to call the under i think both both teams have great defenses i'm going to call the under and i'm going to go jacksonville won in this game twenty one seventeen what he you got up you know what i'm thinking it'll be a just a little higher scoring with that these release want one field goal from jacksonville i'm thinking 20 421 24 it's going he lows though because they're you know it's i believe is going.

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