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It's a woman trying to whining oh jeez lives and not somebody causing higher both save vessels girls or just people girlfriends then became the mothers and it's just now is just the thing to do really the worldwide situation and uh terrorism and other things you know he has to won't be a running out to act of military even though it's a fun thing as a friendly thing but it puts them on edge anna it could be a danger i thought that that was the case now is a thought that you with you know the way that things have been going over the years these these soldiers probably don't wanna be put into a position where they don't wanna now i don't think about anything to do with that i mean it's an innocent kiss on the cheek to leave lipstick it's been i mean it's gone on forever like they since the civil war since 18 24 every day saying it's been generated under run out in kinshasa soldiers and leave some lipstick on their cheeks and it's only recently they're worried more about you know people harming the soldiers in a train table right and and the military doesn't want it to happen we don't want it to happen and are just do the right like you don't want somebody run out there in addition your wife or your model so treat them as i am way no i like when people kissed my momma zone targets skinny genes are causing injuries do you guys by your genes that target nearly thirty thousand of these genes have been pulled from their stock off their shelves because the girl genes reportedly have been cutting their customers the kids like they're they're studs there there's like lena dunham rain yup these pieces from the blink of come off and actually cut some of via the customers would jeez so the the people who have these are i tell you could have reacted target for a full refund at in your time up the been dazzling i thought you meant like they restricted blood flow that us oh skinny yeah but they're actually causing blood flow on a sex shop opening up in the san francisco airport so if you're on a two or three hour delay got some time to kill the sex shop may come to san francisco's airport it would be a pop up shop.

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