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Boy, it's supposed to call this next week. Or so for anybody living on the east coast to the mid west, I broadcast out of Illinois from Illinois point ceased, man, we're supposed to get hit with a big old. A big old swath of frigid air. Coming up heading into this weekend. So stay warm. Stay warm. The other. Consequence. The more humorous consequence of Trump's. Fighting back against the media calling them out. Is how it's made the media. Just do so many silly. And ridiculous things. And you like Trump were they call it, Trump derangement syndrome. He's he's gotten inside. Trump has gotten inside the heads of these members of the media. He's got him talking to themselves. He's got him looking behind their back when they're walking down the street. He's got him up late at night. He's got. I'm talking to therapist. I mean, Donald Trump because again, look, look these journalists lot of them are good people. I know a lot of them. But man, I'll tell you what they've never had anybody. They've never had to deal with the politician who punched them back who gave as good as he got. Until trump. They're not used to it. They don't like it. They don't know how to deal with it. So they do crazy. Trump has forced them caused them to do really crazy stupid things. Like like the other day. Trump had the national champions into the White House. The Clemson Tigers college football champs. They want stomped Alabama. So Trump's have them into the White House. For a little dinner. And what did Trump surf for dinner? Fast food. Mcdonald's. Burger King served them a bunch of hamburgers fries. I think some pizza too. And son of a gun. The media obsessed about this story all these big college football players in the White House. Trump's having him over any serving -em, burgers and French fries. Mcdonald's cheese quarter pounders Burger King walkers. The media. Kind of went crazy about this. There were people in the media that we're fended that the president of the United States served a bunch of fast food. There were there were members of the media because again, Trump lies and Trump exaggerates Trump said that he paid for it all and he paid for a thousand hamburgers. And I swear to God, I tell you what. Members of the media were trying to count. How many hamburgers Trump really serve to the Clemson football team to see if they could catch Trump in another lot. The number of gosh darn hamburgers. Let me think about this fact check. They fact checked the number of hamburgers that Trump's Trump Trump. Trump served. The Clemson football team. Now, just think for a moment. How pathetic this is. Donald Trump has gotten so inside their heads that these members of the media get all bent out of shape when Trump serves a bunch of McDonald's burgers to some college football players. They're bothered by that they're offended by that. They thought it was unseemly in the White House. I offer you serious. I don't know about you. But if I'm a twenty one year old college football player, and I see a humongous read like that. I see a humongous table full of burgers, whoppers, cheese, quarter, pounders, French fries pizza. I'm fricking going bananas. I'm loving it. Oh my God. That's heaven nineteen twenty twenty one years old. That's that's heavenly food. And. Again, the fact that the media didn't get this didn't understand this didn't see this. Could god. Why not? Why did they not understand as they were writing articles and sending out tweets criticizing the president for serving fast food to college football players. How could they not see they not understand? How silly they sounded? I'll tell you why not. Because Trump's inside their heads. Swear to God. He's he's done. Messed them up. He look again. I know plenty of like this. But I mean, Trump trolls them Trump will do things and say things constantly to piss the media off purposely to piss the media. It's what he does. He does it for a living. He enjoys it. And the fact that most of these people in the media can't see that. Oh, he loved this story. The other night, he loved the fact that this set the media off how dare the president United States. Serve a bunch of hamburgers. Fast food, no less. He went out and bought Burger King and McDonald's how dare he do that in the White House. The fact that as their tweeting that. These people who work for MSNBC and ABC and the rest can't see how silly they sound? Well that. That pretty much tells you everything you need to know about. What they call Trump derangement syndrome. You see some of it on the left, right? Some of the kooks on the far left. You just you just say the words Donald Trump. You just say that name out loud, and it gets to get them to start screaming and crying, and they got to like go sit down somewhere you see the same. The fact with a lot of people in the media. This wasn't a story. Or if it was a story. It's just a story to applaud pretty cool thing. President United States serving a bunch of McDonald's and Burger King due to the college football champs. They by the way, they loved it. Clemson football players loved it. And most of the American people when they looked at it. And that's probably the best thing. Trump did all day. And they got it. But the media didn't because Donald Trump is inside their heads. He really is. He's smack.

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