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And Jean Paul Belmondo and Jean Seaburg, French Kind of crime caper New Wave crime caper. Uh, he was pretty cool, pretty amazing. He was 79. I think. Also tragedy. One of a kind. Truly one of a kind, Yes. Bozo the clown. Oh, the the original Rama. He was bozo the clown. Oh, yes, he was the original Ronald McDonald. And he was Willard Scott. Happy 1/100 birthday, too. As my my sister said, What? What? What a cruel turn of events that will er did not make it to 100. Only 87 only made it to 87. Anybody should have made it to 100 people that people don't know Willard Scott weatherman. National weather man used to part of his stick was going to visit people who turn 200 or or and he didn't go visit heating. Sometimes he did. So the way that happened so he was the he was before al Rocker. Al Rocker took over for Willard Scott when Willard retired from the Today show. But the way that happened was somebody just wrote in and said, Would you have Willard wish my, You know, Grandmother Happy birthday or could will or do that, and he decided he would do it. And it became a big thing. Then, once a week, he would do these Announcement of people who have made I think, and it was almost always to 100 right now. All of those centenarians are greeting him in hell. Oh, and then also tragedy, one of a kind and original. Michael K. Williams. Who played Omar Little in the wire, Chalky white in Boardwalk empire. Numerous other roles. He was in a I didn't know he was in a series. Just finished its second season. Um, he was only 54. He was found. Dead.

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