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Anyway to my chagrin john green the realtor is not a south mississippi in but got a south tennessean come on john somebody whose grandmother is from tennessee i should've known better i should have done better not since the disaster of benjamin harrison have i so disgraced my family i apologize thank you mark for the correction and thanks for listening from south mississippi well what a disaster john you big liar it is so that's basically very like memphis is close to north mississippi i believe that is correct but not going to stake my entire future on it it appears that john green the realtor is representing some very nice homes really yeah this one's you know cole your ville tennessee five hundred and fifty thousand dollars four bedrooms two baths and that is right on the mississippi tennessee border color was yeah yeah yeah i was close not i mean i do have to say john that like i like i don't wanna judge john green by by looks oh this is a nice home but i think that he's probably retiring soon so i might be able to make a play like i wouldn't be surprised if that guy might not be a real turn five years okay well i mean i don't know he's already he's got a thing called my john green dot com he's got he's got a lot of stuff going on his side i don't wanna get in the way of it it used to have an animated jif of shamrock slowly rotating that this website has made some huge progress in the eighteen years that i've been tracking it.

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