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Hundred tremors for mount agreeing on monday many forming communities on bali or near volcanoes because the surrounding soil is made fertile by lava flow news these people who've the move to a temporary aid center don't know when they could return home cya about my son missing mobley salah conquer and yet it'll mile on board spending days and days here at home michael work i have my carriers and chickens to take care of it hurts that my home has been abandoned manuel now lettuce asahi hullah plus 11 gianetti it'll be tough if my houses destroyed and not have to rebuild it the be the hardest part volcano is seventy five kilometers from the popular tourist resort of kuta is concerned that if there's an eruption ask cloud will disrupt flights are corresponded how griffin is within the evacuation area and gave me the latest poland seventy five thousand people have been evacuated most of them take another exclusion zone surrounding mount are good now it's a nervous waiting game i guess no one really knows whether it could be how was days may be even weeks before and jason eruption actually happens the patient a the tremors hundreds recorded every day apple the seismologists suggestion eruption is imminent however that would imminent has been used for a couple of days now and there is a concern about complacency and also about resources being stretched the indonesian government said there is enough money and supplies on the way getting clean water and jim is necessary for people who've been moved from their homes of she priority and other those who aren't heating the calls to evacuate so we're aware of some people who have been holding out a couple of villages around the volcano it is a spiritual site in bali in which hold that they will be some of those villages awaiting fresh virtual sign that are also those who came out the exclusion zone who should back in each reported most of them traumas concerned about their livestock and but their animals as other governments actually had to take the step of evacuating some two hasn't cash we understand from the tops of the mountains primarily to deter people from going back into that indonesia and the president's been there yes he visited one of the four hundred also evacuation centers there are some who remember the last time montegrin erupted.

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