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Support for this podcast and the following message come from google cloud during march madness the nc double a is using google cloud to turn data into insights and so can your business see how at g dot co slash march madness google cloud the official cloud of the nc double a with jesse thorn is a production of maximum fund dot org and is distributed by npr it's bullseye i'm jesse thorn actually required to say that so now that that has been said let's get down to brass tacks i've got a message for you from the one and only andrew w k be nice be honest party and don't hate on mr rogers those who would scoff at mr rogers or scoff at me perhaps more rightfully so all they're doing and i relate to this because i've done it too is distancing themselves from feeling because feeling is very intense and feeling that you're not in control of is even more intense takes a lot of courage to let your heart be open enough to be moved especially against your will so people keep things at bay people keep experiences at a distance especially if the person seems very intense all i'm trying to do is encourage people to trust me enough to let me move them to let this party power move them it's bullseye.

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