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Last week. The average people a first strateg- make up to central strategy population. There is not an average voice in the federal albuque- rightly or wrongly. I feel libya another one in my lifetime. I n the an aborigine proudly member australian community. I am took its naval bonner. The nation's first aboriginal parliamentarian liberal senator from nineteen seventy one to nineteen eighty-three sure jacobs pepperoni. Guinean-born rata his author of a new biography on naval bona. And it's published by concord. Get is shown home. Thanks for for having me on our pleasure. Now it's been fifty years since neville bonner came to camera. Take us back to nineteen seventy-one short home. So this of was four years since the land nineteen sixty seven referendum understandably because a bit of an atmosphere of activism. That existed. the time you know especially around digits affairs and boehner. However i think it enjoyed his time the other end of the spectrum on when it came to activism. He was head of the brisbane vice. One people of australia lake which was very much non radical organization that was focused on integration and assimilation. For agenices. tryon's it formally joined the liberal party in the lights sixties and. I'm sure we'll get to that. But he was definitely a blue collar man. It spent two decades on palm island and up until around the late. Nineteen sixty s. He was abridged cop and he famously said. It worked every job now into man some interesting route to parliament. Tolman nineteen seventy one as you mentioned fifty years ago. Yes and he was born in nineteen twenty two under a tree. That's roy his mother julia guy to him in extremely difficult conditions He was born as unite under a tree on you care about island which is in northern new south wales. I'm just right on the mouth of the tweet river. Sarah although he move till these young manage excited the fact that he was miracle given what was going on nights giants and looking back it was just a slightly amusing instance on again from that with the distance of tom that emerge from his birth enlighten. Us boehner actually. I'm spent the majority of his life at least until nineteen seventy thinking. He was actually own in nineteen seventeen. I'm handling of this. Actually after filling out his senate hyper can have any guy back to his warren. Nineteen seventy for his earth record so it was kind of the problem that you wanna have having a few years back but it was just the will he lost. He lost his mother at an early age and he never made his english dad. Probably around nineteen thirty three up on his mother julia pasta away so he was quiet for his grandmother ida and he said that everything that he shaved or was likely to which even lost was was down to his granny. I think above probably learned his eloquence from her You know whenever you have on a speak you know as we did the top of the show you hazy credibly will announce the i. I think that's judy was grandmother in those formative years in the thirties and despite of course any doing a year of formal schooling as well now this year of course Racism was more evident than it is today Tell us about his experience with racism. Yes that's right. Tom savvy experienced racism from a very early age Luckily the most biking is an instance described at the start of the book. I'm an opportunity at emerge on his brother. Henry adam attend south police school and his mother. Julia didn't have any money at all for school uniform so she ended up fashioning them out of basically inside out calico sacks So they walked up to the school in about an hour. After that arrived at about nine thirty in the morning the would cleared out so would had gone viral at least by nineteen thirty standards. That two black boys were in the school and parents comtesse inner that children hawaii and of course the only instance of genuine rice's named judah auburn's loss as throughout northern new south wiles in central queensland. At a tough stop. Now take us back again. To nine hundred seventy one he feels a senate vacancy now before that he he'd been a campaign of for christian in anticommunist causes toes more because he was a catholic. That's what tom so he was head of the one of the stride illegal. Our poll as it was cold and as this was an anti communist organization but very much focused on integration and assimilation and. I think really arming indigenous. Australians with the Conned of siphoning writing skills to work leaving in a in a modern astrology. is ver- natural high. Ill for boehner and his conservative or integrationist philosophy. And you know as as we've noted as well in seventy as in the nineteen sixties. Hana philosophy really ran counter to the radical atlas of the time now had a bone i get the the queen's lane senate seats empowerment e called it of course the nation's council of elders that's right and it was a very kind respectful nod to either lapping tradition. Narain an update august the relevancy of our existing institutions so trodden on in seventy one hit actually ran third on the joint coalition ticket. The nineteen seventy senate election. They sit same. Bikaner just made the decision on the fly at a cocktail party down the gulf coast at a liberal fundraiser. Actually he didn't win the two ahead of him on the ticket ended up getting elected but his fortunes changed about six months light so earlier. The following year in around march seventy-one senator dime. Annabelle rankin was appointed high commissioner to new zealand. Which of course creates the senate i can say and i think on a likely for the very first hominids life actually felt todd unless there's some truth that because he was the natural choice for the next in line if you will to fill the senate vacancy having gone through a full process any months or and it was certainly a landmark moment when he felt that fifty years ago he he got applause from paypal. Charles perkins as as you note that even You know chubby okay. Paddison and your time. Why the liberal party sean. What was bonner attracted to the liberal party in the late sixties. It's an interesting question you know. Whenever bono was asked why he was liberally often recited a story from non and sixty seven And it kinda goes that on it was handing out out of a couple of liberal mites. Oxley hauling both on which is in the west of brisbane and listeners will remember bill hyden who was the federal library and pay for oxley the time so bona and as he helped out the car and he couldn't believe that an indigenous person was volunteering for member of the liberal party in an exchange followed and hide. It said something. The effect way to move for you than the other and i think ana was really kinda stumped and taken back because they really felt the hanging look shouldn't determine how you vote and he said you know. Look mr hyde. Look pretty bloody silly. I always handing out non for you lot when a member of the liberal party naughty through membership forms and and became a card carrying member. But it's a it's a good story. But i do that. The signed on we actually had a respect for liberal principles and if it more of a.

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