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Margin reset coming up at two o'clock we got yet until then let's head back out to the phone to talk to Rodney Rodney on WPA are you doing how's everybody going today great Ronnie I want today that Clowney here and I here's self that you talk about that you know you take plays off well one thing you have to understand is that no matter if he takes place is all you're going to feel so they have to account for him so if you have to account for him and account for for the Brandon Graham and also account account what chapels we we we simply just the fact that you're going to you're going to fill holes was tremendously so yeah learn to let him go to do even if it is a long term deal I'll get rid of prior and they they worked out by a what a strip of four four or something like that how we make mad so yeah Brian it's a great point and people talk about his final year at South Carolina he did nothing well that's because everyone in the country was focused on adapting they're blocking scheme to doubling him trip pulling him at times yeah you're right he's on the field their turn in their protection that way they're keeping a tight and then they're keeping a back to that side extra yeah regardless of what he does so it's it's a super point he's that type of player we don't have that type of player that scares offense of coordinators into accounting for the right exactly will be it will be in all yeah absolutely running at a gender for us yes Ronald McDonald yeah that is I thought we were a little too much that is that is a potential winning answer right there that is a great answer right there are you speaking of the the clown entry that we've been talking about it all day our Twitter poll question today brought to us by the casino in Delaware park John Reggie do you want the eagles to trade virgin Debbie in Clowney a yes we know where do you think the voting has come down to say I think a lot of people at like seventy percent said yesterday I would have thought that way as well I thought it was going to be even higher than that only fifty percent say yes what the heck interesting also one of our hi is voted on bowls Evers over thirty six hundred votes on this so there's a real real segment of people there are a lot of will not into it yeah I'm shocked I am too what is qualifiers there especially not for this for that yeah do you want people to go get you Debbie and Connie only fifty percent said yes I thought that was we're not good enough yet we are not good enough yet at defensive end I I don't know why you can have faith in this group right now because we we we don't have enough to go on I know brand grams gonna be healthy he'll be fine I don't know anything else let's head down and talk to bandit Ben your WP hello are you got great eight I bring it up to you Vermont when I go up to cal that what you wanted to now there would you say you bring us up to Vermont was the last thing we are I bring up to Vermont where I go to college I'm leaving this weekend did you ever got all we appreciate we're gonna be huge in Vermont now John how exciting is that your full state yeah so I think did you date we are cloudy I think you bring some great stuff the table but I can tell you should give up and I feel like that can make or break can you can you can set up your team around here because like they used to do with your name at where you just ride off that how are you you can you can go out we're just really well with the big personality but I feel like docket brew and stuff like it is over and out well yeah it it that's the risk I feel as though we've got a system in place you know a group of players in that locker room defensive side in particular with Malcolm in Brandon Brandon Graham over there I I like the the personalities that can sort of encourage you guy in and keep them in check and working hard and we don't know enough about you Debbie in about whether it's a lack of lack of hard work a war injury we don't we don't know enough to say that he would be a problem I mean we haven't heard like bad stories of coming out from the taxes locker room these belly ache and this and that we know is old now but we also know that they're trying to lowball Ben you gotta gender for us I you are I visit her forty quickly almost every night and she's open late and that is when he promised good good answer Wendy's I'm very fond of when love one D. S. yes all right we're gonna turn do we are up against it just give us your gender for a chance when the Phillies Mets to get Terry Broomall is your gender I only have one so thank you yes don't forget our talk about the hammer loosely don't remember which it was with Terry call me tomorrow I'll be back by the board and we will figure out what that's learned you are let's talk to bill M. Pittman billion a gender for us the queen of slide guitar one of my heroes Bonnie very answer that is a good answer to rob closing this out who is your gender typical changer the man should be there all yeah what was that guy's name the from the man coming to the Magic Kingdom route for it he knew that's it yeah that's a great one too and I do remember what Terry was talking a S. Seguin idea for Joe when he gets back that I think could be from will talk about that I'm sure Terry will call well I read you had to pick a winner here is we get Marjorie's coming up someone's that stood out to me is going through ginger from Gilligan's island a very first answer day was clever secretariat Grady I didn't either at the time I think he's a great answer to use a graining MacDonnells I was gonna get the Ramadan when he's both great answers George Washington run our I think we're crazy today Newman out pretty Newman and I know I think Ronald McDonald's or secretary area made ginger let's go with one of those for pick one of those four areas I didn't know that figure at it's great grad was the name of secretary rendition tensely in a demo learn a horse outside the box answers it might be the most outside the buyer what I love that one all right Matt Pottstown congradulations was secretary of big read about it you have won two tickets to go see the phillys and that's on September first rich yes is a lot of fun to me it was okay okay are you will be back tomorrow the mid day show thank you to everyone for listening calling coming up next John marks I grease come your way sportsradio ninety four W. I. anywhere this is John Feinstein with the CBS.

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