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And if you understood like we remember, we're covering this because we understood from both sides of the house. Why? It ultimately didn't get done. Broncos fans and they maybe even some of the people in the media kind of rushed to judgment, saying the Broncos are cheap or that, John, You know, we just assume is asking for too much money. And it really wasn't that I mean, they both had kind of a line in the sand. Both sides, I say more so the Bronco's moved, But But there was a concern about what covert was gonna mean to the league year about what the salary cap implications we're gonna be in. The Broncos just simply didn't want to be underwater, and they knew they had the backstop of a second franchise tag. If they have absolutely had to use it, or they don't And it looks like the salary cap might ultimately be OK. It might come down a little bit for certainly probably gonna go up, but I don't know if it's gonna make the 1 75. Yeah, You got the roll over. So you got a little cushion there. That's gonna help on there. Are you just some flexibility? That gentleman's gonna have to come in and say OK, what? We keep it. AJ Bouvier, Are we keeping General Casey? You know, what are we going to do about von Miller's option? What are we going to do with Juwan? James was coming back off the opt out. You know what was going to eat that or we're gonna You know what we're gonna do, And so there's some. There's a couple of Karine Jackson. What are we going to do with Kareem Jackson is the 33rd year for three year deal with no guaranteed money, so they're just some flexibility on that defense to do something. She's gonna have to figure out what it is that you're going to do. The money's there. I'll say that in terms of cap the money is there now. Cash is a little bit different story. We've talked about that on this show before. Caches liquid money that the franchise has to have to be able to put into escrow two weeks after do get side But the cap portion of it is very easily solved. The cash portion of it is something that you're gonna have to figure out. What lies text here? What makes Kelly the front runner? In your opinion, Is it because of his relationship with Elway? Relation with Vic is? Why does Peter's prefer Caroline? Or if he does? I don't know that he prefers Carolina. But there's Carolina. Job is I'm gonna say more attractive to somebody like that right now. You're not beholden Anybody. There's no specter of anybody in the background you're coming in. You're the man without a peters. He worked here. You might rule work together. You see, l A. They know each other. Really? Well, they're buddies s. Oh, there's a friendship factor there in Carolina, the privately resetting it quarterback and they've got their stopgap and Teddy Bridgewater. Right s O u gonna get to pick your guy. There's there's more in Caroline's a young football team. You know, they're very young team with some exciting pieces. Um, so you know, I just think that right now, for a general manager looking to jump in, there is a more attractive job you've got. You've already got your coach. You gotta in your coaches. Somebody you worked with. Which is kind of the same situation for champ and champ Kelly. I mean, you've got your coach guy you worked with. You know you s Oh, I think it's two different people with two different scenarios, and Peter's probably just fits better in Carolina. To be honest with you. It's not not that you know you no more work for the Broncos or that kind of stuff. General Manager job's only 32 33 1, really, but you know, packers and that whole such a setup, But you know, there's only a certain number of them. And you know you're not gonna get the one in Dallas. So you know that that is force these jobs coming open. You know, you've got to consider your options. Try to find your best fit to strike while the iron is hot. If you got a chance to work with a buddy and you guys were unified your vision, Why wouldn't you take that? And so peters and rule? I think I think kind of our that it feels like I don't know. And maybe you can answer. This will produce some more time to talk about this tomorrow, but It feels like people are making a little bit bigger deal of the fact that John Elway is not completely out of the picture and not really maybe giving this new GM full Full opportunity right off the bat. I mean the way the way I understand it in the way, At least I'm reading between the lines here with John Elway and correct me if I'm wrong, But it seems as though he's laying the groundwork for this GM to be his own guy to be his own man and and to take some ownership. It may be a little bit of a feeling out process, you know, kind of like taking over for Peyton Manning. You know when Peyton Manning retired, there's when you're taking over for a Hall of Famer. It doesn't always go very smooth. You know, John always has the fourth best record of any active GM right now and two Super Bowl appearances in that tenure, so taking over for John Elway, whether he's still in the building or he's not here. He's Mr Bronco like that was always gonna be. Ah, little bit of an interesting transition is going eventually happen. Sting transition, So I whether he's in the building as president of football operations or he's just in the city of Denver. That was always going to be an interesting transition to me, and I think people are making way too much of John being around the facility Still, yeah, it's gonna be a significant step back. I mean, he's still gonna have some rubber stamp going on here, but I think he's trying to transition to the next phase of What it is that he's going to know what the GM do his thing. I mean, it seems it's a little bit of give and take. That's all they're working together. Yeah, exactly. Okay. When we come back, Tim Jenkins will join the program shot Bauer with a news update here at the top of the hour, plus traffic stick around Broncos country tonight,.

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