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The world and everything in it. Hold on hold on hold on. You sounded awful lot like Mary Reicher. One in the same, we are back from vacation. I thought I. Jump In here before you jump out Mr Acre. Yes, we are jumping to the beach and we're taking the married ones with us, too, so it's going to be great and as Norah. Jones might say you'll find me somewhere between my dreams with the sun on my face, we want i. hope that the records had some restful time. restful isn't a record trait. Really we did some heavy duty hiking in the great smoky mountains, really beautiful I also went to my high school reunion on Saturday. By the time you get to the fortieth one. All the facades are gone. Everybody's just folks you know I feel refreshed, and it feels great to be back in the saddle here will filling the saddle for you bleed Jenny Rough Your Legal Eagle partner. She assembled last week's and this week's legal docket, so let's get into it. Her case this week concerns an old yet timely constitutional law issue that goes well beyond the dispute between the parties, so let's listen. The Appalachian Trail runs from Georgia to Maine. It's over two thousand miles and passes through fourteen states. My husband and I have hiked sections of it near our home in Virginia a wonderful footpath. Well, the Appalachian trail ended up being the focal point of a case before the Supreme Court this year. U. S. four service versus cow Pasture River Preservation Association. The facts involve natural gas pipeline. A Development Company wanted to dig a tunnel through the George Washington National Forest in Virginia. The purpose was to run a pipeline from one side of a mountain to the other part of the Appalachian. Trail is in that forest. The pipeline would cross six hundred feet underneath it. Environmental groups sued to stop it. They argued the forest service which owns the forest land didn't have the authority to allow the pipeline to run underneath the trail that the national park. Service has jurisdiction over the trail, so permiting had to come. Come through the channels of that separate federal agency, other federal agencies and acts apply here to an alphabet soup of them. Firkh Federal Energy Regulatory, Commission Mla Mineral Leasing, act and Tsa National Trail System at you. Get the idea. The important thing to know is that they conflict and override each other and have different philosophies and Interests Oh, and also the laws at play here are administered by agencies that fall under the executive branch. The nonprofits who sued also have their interest Southern Environmental Law Center lawyer Sarah. Francisco explains a common concern with natural gas. This clip is from a video on the law. Center's website.

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